Samsung Launches Samsung Internet for Windows, Bringing Seamless Browsing Integration

Samsung has taken a big step forward by bringing its much-praised Internet browser outside of the Android platform. For Windows users, Samsung Internet is now available. It is renowned for outperforming Google Chrome in several areas.

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With seamless cross-device integration of browsing data, this action is set to completely transform the desktop and laptop browsing experience. Up until now, many users’ adoption of Samsung Internet as their primary browser has been hampered by its conspicuous absence on desktop platforms.

That being said, the browser is poised to expand its reach with the recent release of Samsung Internet for Windows. The program is available for download from the Microsoft Store and works with any Windows desktop or laptop, regardless of the manufacturer.

Bridging the Gap Between Mobile And Desktop

The ability of Samsung-Internet for Windows to synchronize browsing data between your phone and PC is one of its best features. Even though the current version is limited and does not allow syncing of bookmarks, saved pages, open tabs, or browsing history, it is still a big improvement. Although it is a limitation at the moment, password syncing is anticipated to be fixed in later releases.

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When switching from other browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, to Samsung Internet on Windows, users can easily import their bookmarks, search engines, and browsing history during the initial setup. Support for importing bookmarks from an HTML file also makes the onboarding process more efficient.

Many features found in Samsung-Internet for Android are also present in Samsung-Internet for Windows. With integrated support for ad blockers, users can enjoy an ad-free experience. Additionally, the secret (incognito) mode protects privacy, and extension support enhances functionality. Because the browser is built on the open-source Chromium project, users can expect the Chrome Web Store to be compatible with extensions and add-ons.

Although Samsung Internet’s Android version runs smoothly, there are currently issues with the Windows version. Laggy scrolling has been reported by users, indicating less than ideal-support for refresh rates. Samsung is aware of these problems with performance and is anticipated to fix them in upcoming updates.

How to get Samsung Internet On Your PC?

Get Samsung Internet on your computer by clicking this link to the Microsoft Store. Easy to follow installation instructions, it works with any PC or laptop running Windows 10 or Windows 11. Notably, special hardware or a Samsung Galaxy laptop are not required.
An important step toward giving consumers a unified and synchronized browsing experience is Samsung’s Internet browser’s release for Windows. Even though the Internet for Windows has performance issues, its abundance of features and the prospect of future updates make it a strong competitor in the desktop browser market. Windows users can now easily integrate their Samsung Internet experience across devices to start this improved browsing journey.


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