Samsung Introduced Auto Blocker Enables Advanced Security And Privacy

Samsung has introduced the Auto Blocker giving you ultra-securely protections. When you make transactions, clips photos, and videos, this level of protection we need it! Samsung has recently introduced One UI 6.0 for Galaxy’s latest models and has options to use this feature.

Samsung Auto Blocker

The Samsung Auto Blocker makes users’ data and the user safe from any online fraud. It can filter all the malicious things when you clip photos or make transactions.

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Samsung Auto Blocker FeaturesSamsung Auto Blocker Features
Image: Samsung

Sometimes you may have heard that a Smartphone user plugin the charger on an unknown place from an unknown person’s charger and adapters and then they lost their data.

Actually, that wire is specially designed to copy the data. Basically at the Adapter, there will be a chip and when you plug in your phone to the charger via that wire, they start copying your data, by caring about, Samsung has introduced this feature that can block all the commands when you use an unknown wire and Samsung Auto Blckers will protect it.

Samsung Autoblocker Highlights

  • Samsung has announced certain new features in the One UI 6.0 update. With this when you install a third-party application, this Auto Blocker can detect the malware applications.
  • Samsung has now introduced Message Guard, which can protect you from third-party applications where you give interlinking.
  • It is available in the Latest One UI 6.0 update, so you just have to update with the latest One UI 6.0 update.
  • Unfortunately, this is not available for the US region

Samsung is committed to giving you a secure and premium user experience and they have done it in their latest One UI upgrade. The One UI 6.0 is an Android 14-based update, so if your phone is able to update with Android 14, then you can also use the Samsung Auto Blockeer features in your phone.


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