Boult Z40 Pro Review: Design, Comfort, Call Quality, Sound and Best Offers!

Are you looking for a TWS at an affordable price and excellent Sound? Then the Boult Z40 Pro is the best choice for you. However we have chosen the 15 best earbuds at affordable prices here, you can also look at that. I got it at a 70% OFF discount on Flipkart. However, we have experienced it for a week, and let me tell you what we feel it with.

Before this, let’s talk about its price and best offers. Boult Z40 Pro allows you four color options, unfortunately, there is a special price tag for your favorite color options. Boult Z40 Pro is available on Flipkart in Dawn, Jungle, Lavender, and Midnight with dual-tone colors. The Dawn and Jungle colors are priced at Rs 1,399 while the Lavender and Midnight color models cost at Rs 1,299. Additionally, you can get an Extra Rs 50 OFF if you pay through Flipkart UPI.

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Boult Audio Z40 Pro with additional accessories
Boult Audio Z40 Pro with additional accessories

I purchased the Midnight color model at Rupes 1,249 from Flipkart via Flipkart UPI which makes Rs 50 OFF on the 1,299 price. So you have four color options with Two different price ranges. You can check the current price and offer here. (Price and Offers may be changed due to limited time or locality)

Boult Audio Z40 Pro Review
Boult Audio Z40 Pro Review
Boult Audio Z40 Pro
  • Dual Tone Models
  • Enhanced Bass
  • Crystal Clear Sound Produced by ENC
  • IPX5 Water Resistant
  • Touch Controls
  • 100 h battery capacity

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Boult Z40 Pro Review

Before buying the Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds, we researched for hours on, which one is the best and affordable earbuds for us. Seriously, we have many options with good sound and cheap prices, but this one won my heart. The Boult Z40 Pro became my first choice at this cost when I used it. Even it provides you with a dedicated Gaming Mode for gamers that instantly reduces the Audio latency to 45ms which is ideal for gamers.

What is in the box?

You will get pairs of Earbuds with the Buds Case, USB Type-A To USB Type-C charging cable, User Manual, Warranty Card, and additional pairs of ear tips. It is good to see that Company provides the various sizes of ear tips for different types of ears which can make users comfortable.

To claim the 1-year warranty, you have to scan the QR Code from the warranty card which is placed on the Box upper side. When you scan the QR Code then it will ask for your Name, Email ID, Phone Number, and the information you have to submit the information, and your warranty will claimed.

Design And Build Quality

Boult Audio Z40 Pro Charging Case
Boult Audio Z40 Pro Charging Case

The Case is made with plastic and covered by a high-quality rubber material that feels premium in hand. The good thing is that the company has claimed that even the rubric material cover, is scratchproof so you don’t have to be aware of scratches on the case.

Boult Audio Z40 Pro Midnight color design
Boult Audio Z40 Pro Midnight color design

There is a company branding “Boult Audio” placed on the front-middle of the Case while below the opening door, there is an LED Flashlight that indicates the charging and other features of the case. At the bottom side of the case, a USB Type-C Port allows you fast charging. Overall the case feels premium in hand.

When we opened the case, we saw the different colors of plastic material inside. We purchased the Midnight color so the outside case was built with black color rubber material and orange color plastic inside.

Also on the buds case, there is a pair of buds in black colors (In which we purchased). It is made with a high-quality but lightweight plastic material that is tiny and premium. It easily fits in the ears and even hours of use never make any trouble for us.

Boult Audio Z40 Pro Midnight Color Case and earbuds
Boult Audio Z40 Pro Midnight Color Case and Earbuds

There is a “Boult” branding on the buds which is a touch panel. Using this, you can turn Off/On the buds, change music tracks, activate voice assistance, and much more, as you can see in the User Manual. Also, there is a tiny LED Light on the buds that indicates calls, music tracks, Battery capacity, and more info about the buds. Behind the buds, there is a charging setup that fits in a charging case.

Boult Audio Z40 Pro Design
Boult Audio Z40 Pro Design

There is a rubber tip on the sound driver that easily fits in ears, however, the company has sent a few additional ear tips in the box. Given the Star rating for Design and Build quality, we prefer 4.2 out of 5.


Boult Audio Z40 Pro Midnight Color Case and earbuds
Boult Audio Z40 Pro Midnight Color Case and Earbuds

The most important thing in a bud is its comfort in the ear. We feel its tiny design is perfect for mid-range ears additionally it provides a few pairs of ear tips for different types of ears. It is a lightweight earbud with quad-mic ENC Features that can filter noise and give you a crystal-clear sound. So in terms of comfortless is good and we will rate its Comfortness 4.0 out of 5.

Connectivity & Controls

The Boult Audio Z40 Pro has inbuilt Bluetooth V5.3 which ensures strong connectivity in the 10-meter range. Also, the buds allow you to touch controls and have hands-free experiences. Also, it allows you instant connectivity to your devices. You just have to put out the buds from the case and it will instantly connect to the recent devices. We prefer rating in connectivity options 4.0 out of 5.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated app support for this earbud as so many premium earbuds provide this feature.

Call Quality

The Boult Z40 Pro allows the Quad Zen mic with the ENC Features can filter the noise and you will listen to a filter call sound. We wore it and went to a metro station crowd and phone called a friend, you can’t believe it, its ENC filters 90% off crowd noise and produces crystal clear call sound. Even if we ask to voice assistant to call a friend, it instantly takes action so it’s nice to see a better TWS at this affordable price point. We prefer 4.0 out of 5 in terms of the Call quality of the buds.

Battery & Charging

Boult Audio Z40 Pro Charing
Boult Audio Z40 Pro Charing

The company has claimed that it will give us 100H of battery capacity and it is almost true. I have charged it 100% and used it till half of day four. Also, we charged it for 5 minutes and it gave us around 80 minutes on 80% volume.

Also, the company has sent a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, the exciting thing is it supports fast charging so sometimes you need to leave home for travel, your 10 to 20 minutes of charging can give you while day battery capacity.

Boult Z40 Pro: Pros And Cons

It is an affordable TWS with ultra-sleek and good sound and ENC Features. However, a few things need to be better in this TWS. This Pros and Cons can help you to choose what you need exactly.


  • Affordable Price: The Boult Z40 Pro comes at an Affordable price, also you can get an extra discount on coupons and ongoing sales.
  • Premium Case & Build: The Case design and build quality is premium and looks beautiful.
  • Comfortable Earbuds: Its earbuds are comfortable for ears and feature additional handsfree features
  • Advanced Controls: The buds allow you to touch controls with the help you can receive calls, activate voice assistant, turn off or on the buds, etc. You can learn more about the buds in the user manual.
  • ENC Features: The Bould Z40 Pro built-in with ENC Features that filter Noise and give elegant clear sounds.
  • Massive Battery & Charging: The case supports fast charging and a 100% charge of buds and the case can give you 100H of battery capacity.
  • IPX5 Water Resistance: The Boult Z40 Pro is built with IPX5 water resistance which can give you protection from sweat and water drops.


  • No Cover for Earbuds Case: Unfortunately, the Company has not sent the additional cover bag for the case of the earbuds. We can’t expect this at this cost.
  • iPhone Connectivity Delay: We face a delay in terms of connectivity to iPhones.
  • Sound Latency Needs More Improvements: Boult claims 45mx latency even in Gaming Mode. A good gaming mode requires Latency below 30ms. So it would be better if the latency could be reduced to around 30 or 35ms.
Boult Audio Z40 Pro Overview
Boult Audio Z40 Pro 3

The Bould Z40 Pro is one of the best and affordable TWS with the elegant sound effects and instant connectivy features. At Rs 1,299 the Boult Z40 Pro is awesom!

Product SKU: 12045

Product Brand: Boult Z40 Pro

Product Currency: INR

Product Price: 1299

Price Valid Until: 2027-10-02

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Is Boult Z40 Pro Waterproof?

The Boult Z40 Pro is protected by IPX5 Rating which can protect it from waterdrops and sweats. So yes, the Boult Z40 Pro is waterproof, but do not use it while swimming, it may cause problems with buds.

What is the battery capacity of Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds?

As we have experienced, after 10 Minutes of charging Boult Z40 Pro earbuds in a case, the battery will last up to 85 to 95 hours on 100% volume. The company has claimed that its 100% charge will give you 100 hours of battery life on every single charge.

Is Boult Z40 Pro Is Best For Gym?

Yes, the Buds are quite comfortable for your ears and even when you jog or exercise, they will stay perfect in your ear. However, the company has provided a few additional ear tips for different types of ear sizes.

Does Boult Z40 Pro support ANC?

Boult Z40 Pro comes with inbuilt ENC Features that filter noise and give you crystal clear sound even on call or while gaming.

Is Boult Z40 Pro best for gaming?

Boult Z40 Pro provides a dedicated Gaming Mode that instantly reduces audio latency to 45ms. However the best gaming earbuds require latency below 30ms, so the Boult Z40 Pro will be an ideal gaming earbuds, but not the best and would not recommend to high-level gamers.

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