Netflix is releasing GTA For Mobile Gamers on 30th December

Netflix has great news for gamers: Starting December 14, the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy- The Definitive Edition will be available on its mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Netflix disclosed in a recent blog post that Netflix Games customers can pre-register for these highly anticipated games beginning November 30. Must Read: GTA 6 Preorder Date Leak Sparks Frenzy: Could It Be True?

What to Expect?

The Definitive Edition comprises three legendary titles, Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas, all particularly updated for mobile gameplay. Netflix users can play these classic games on their mobile devices with updated features and optimized controls for a seamless gaming experience.

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Beginning November 30, The company urges interested players to pre-register for Grand Theft Auto Trilogy- The Definitive Edition. This assures that Netflix Games users will be among the first to enjoy these classic titles on their mobile devices when they become available on December 14.

Growing Mobile Gaming Community

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy- The Definitive Edition joins Netflix’s growing catalog of over 80 mobile games across many genres. These games are available for download on Android and iOS platforms, and players can play them for free as long as they have a Netflix subscription. In related news, Rockstar Games, the American video game publisher, has confirmed the November 8 release date for the legendary GTA franchise. Rockstar Games President Sam Houser revealed that the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will be released in early December.

Rockstar Partnering with Netflix Indirectly

According to speculations, the next installment of the popular video game franchise will include a female protagonist. According to Bloomberg, GTA-6 will feature the series’ first playable female character. However, it is assumed that she will not be the game’s primary protagonist.

The game’s setting is said to be a fictionalized version of Miami, similar to the 2002 classic GTA: Vice City. This location adds an intriguing depth to the gaming experience, giving players a new and engaging area to explore.


The Definitive Edition on the Netflix mobile app marks a big milestone for gaming aficionados as Netflix continues to improve its gaming offerings. With pre-registration beginning on November 30, customers may secure access to these vintage titles and prepare for a nostalgic gaming adventure on December 14. Keep an eye out for the first trailer for the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto sequel, which promises a groundbreaking experience with a female protagonist and an intriguing Miami-inspired environment.

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