GTA 6 Preorder Date Leak Sparks Frenzy: Could It Be True?

The Rockstar Games will be releasing the GTA 6 trailer in December recently put the gaming community into a frenzy. The anticipation for the highly anticipated game has increased as a result of an apparent leak that may have revealed the date of the game’s preorder.

Getting a preorder for Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally possible for gamers who have been waiting patiently for more than ten years. A picture of an Argos Support agent that has been doing the rounds on X is the source of the alleged leak. Preorders for Grand Theft Auto 6 may go live on December 12 according to this graphic.

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The Argos agent allegedly stated, “I have been informed the software Grand Theft Auto VI for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 will be available to pre-order on December 12, 2023, confirmed to us by the distributors,” as HT Tech reported.

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But when Rockstar Universe inquired about confirmation from Argos Support, the story got more complicated. GTA VI will be “available for pre-booking” once the official release date is revealed, according to the support agent’s unequivocal remark. This gives rise to conjecture regarding the veracity of the information that was leaked.

The mystery grows closer to December when Rockstar Games celebrates its 25th anniversary and the debut of the GTA 6 trailer. Although unconfirmed, the leaked screenshot fuels more conjecture about the game’s release and preorder dates.

GTAForums held a vote to determine when GTA VI might premiere, adding additional gasoline to the flames of rumor. While predictions were mixed, Rockstar Insider Tez2 offered insightful information by indicating that “several devs” believe GTA 6 will be released in the spring of 2025.

The air is heavy with expectation as the gaming community waits impatiently for official news from Rockstar Games. One thing is certain: GTA 6 is coming, and anticipation is growing as the gaming community gets ready for the latest entry in this venerable series, whether the reported purchase date is accurate or not. As the highly anticipated GTA VI trailer drops in December, keep checking back for updates.


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