GTA 6 New Leaks Revealed: The Return of Miami Insipred Vice City

As we have already covered the GTA 6 leak, now the latest leak, has surfaced with some exciting features like the Return of Vice City which is inspired by Miami. GTA 6 New Leak Surfaced: Exciting Gaming Features Unlocked

Some people on Reddit, among others, have looked into recent remarks made by Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive.

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GTA 6 News

In August, during a discussion of Take-Two’s quarterly financial reports, the CEO hinted that the company would go through a “notable inflection point” in fiscal 2025. Financial jargon aside, this implies that a significant change is imminent and could allude to the release of a new GTA 6 game.

GTA 6 New Leak

In addition, there are hints that the series might be returning to Vice City, which was modeled after Miami, and there are rumors that players will be able to enter different buildings. There are rumors that the game emphasizes robberies and heists even more. The leak was quickly taken down from the internet and had an unprecedented scope.

GTA 6 News

Nowadays, it’s hard to find any of the stolen videos on websites like Reddit or the official GTA and GTA 6 forums, and asking about it could get you banned. As per Mashable India news, a 17-year-old resident of the UK was detained for the Rockstar hack last year, and it seems that he was associated with the well-known hacker collective “Laspus$.

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Since GTA VI leaked, fans have been piecing together a map using coordinates discovered during gameplay. However, there is some discontent with the map’s development. It should be emphasized that this map is unofficial and may not give an entirely accurate representation because it was created using assets from an unfinished game. However, despite this, some people have voiced their dissatisfaction.

GTA 6 News


The speaker had hoped that after all the excitement of the previous week, they wouldn’t have to say this again, but sadly, they do: We’re still waiting on a Grand Theft Auto VI revelation. Rockstar Games had given many insiders hope that GTA VI would be revealed last week, especially after a short-lived private trailer appeared on the company’s website.

Rockstar’s stock fluctuated with the hype, but no announcement was made at the end of the week. It seems now that the official disclosure may take place in the following year. Meanwhile, a former developer is recommending that the map of Grand Theft Auto VI be smaller than what players had originally thought.

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