How to turn off reels on Facebook- 5 Easy Steps to Disable Reels

How to turn off reels on Facebook:- After the ban on TikTok, other social platforms started building the short content features, and just like TikTok, YouTube brings “YouTube Shorts” features to create under 60 seconds of video content.

Same like, Instagram also brought this feature named Instagram Reels. You can create under 60 seconds of video content on Instagram and almost 99% of TikTokers shifted on it.

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How to turn off reels on Facebook- 5 Steps to Disable Reels
How to turn off reels on Facebook- 5 Steps to Disable Reels

A few months ago, Facebook adopted the Instagram reels features and now showing Instagram reels on Facebook Feed sections. However, some peoples like to watch reels on the Facebook app, and some ignored it.

So if you also don’t like this feature then you can stop this to show reels on your Facebook app, here are how you can turn off the Instagram reels on Facebook.

Turn Off Reels on Facebook

Showing Instagram reels on your Facebook feed looks irritating if you don’t like to watch short videos or reels. But there is no any official method to remove or Turn Off the showing of Instagram Reels on Facebook.

1. Use Old Version App

Despite this, if you are looking for any ways to stop showing reels on Facebook, then you can install the older version of the Facebook App.

The Older Version of the Facebook app does not show the Reels feed and provided a clean chit interface, but it is not recommended for you, there is a risk.

Sometimes company brings the next updates, depending on its older versions. If the older versions have glitches or hacking awareness, then the company removes the updates and brings the latest updates to save users’ privacy, but if you download the older version of applications, then your privacy may be in danger.

2. Use Web Browser On Desktop

If you don’t want to like to watch reels on facebook fee, then you can try the web browser version to use your Facebook account. The Instagram Reels feeds are currently not available in Facebook Desktop Mode, but the problem is not all have a Desktop to browse Facebook. So in this method, you can also Turn Off Reels on Facebook

3. Use Web Browsing Facebook On Mobile

If you don’t have a desktop then you can try the Desktop Mode facebook interface on your Mobile. Just go to Any Browser and visit Facebook.Com> Then turn on Desktop Mode

After that, you can see the Facebook interface like desktop mode. So in this way, you can stop watching reels on your Facebook feed.

How to Remove Self Created Reels From Facebook

Sometimes we create a short video and shared also on reels just for the enjoyment or experience of something, but the main problem is how to remove it. Here are how you can remove the self-created reels from Facebook. Follow these simple steps…

  1. Go To Facebook Profile Tab
  2. Now flick on Settings & Privacy
  3. After that, find the Setting Options and press on it.
  4. Click on the Privacy option and select Reels.
  5. Now press on Toggle button to disable the Recommendation on Facebook.


Sot these are the methods with the help of you can Turn Off Reels on Facebook app or portal. If you like our content then you can also follow us on social media like facebook and Google News also.


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