How to Take Screenshot on Galaxy A12 Mobile- 4 Easy Steps

How to screenshot on galaxy a12: In today’s smartphones, one of the essential features is the inbuilt screen snapping and recording. From these features, we can capture useful things using snapping or screenshots.

Like, you visit a website where you find useful photographs or your classwork formula. some websites do not allow you to copy the texts, so in this case, you can capture the screenshot.

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How to take screenshot on Galaxy A12 Mobiles
How to take screenshots on Galaxy A12 Mobiles

Instagram is not allowed to download any kind of photos, but if you like those, you can capture them instantly using screenshot features. So, taking screenshots is one of the essential features provided by the company.

How To Take Screenshot On Galaxy A12 Mobile

When we buy a new smartphone, we were unaware of its important features and facts. So if you are using the Samsung Galaxy A12 mobile for the first time, then you can’t know how to take screenshots of the Galaxy a12 mobile, so in this post, we are gonna show you how to take screenshots on the Galaxy A12 mobile.

Method 1

To take the screenshot on your Galaxy A12 mobile, follow these simple steps, given below…

  1. Go on the appearance, which you want to capture, it may be a chat, Website, or Photographs.
  2. Now you have to press the volume down button and power button together and wait for the screen to flash.
  3. Now, your captured appearance will be saved in your gallery as a JPEG or JPG image. format.

From this method, you can capture an appearance using screenshot features. This shortcut method maybe not be available on your mobile, depending on, which kind of version of software you are using. Try to update them to use new features.

Method 2

If your mobile is not upgradable to the latest version, you can use another method that is also available on your mobile. Follow these simple steps…

  1. Go to the appearances which you want to capture, maybe your chats, photographs, or a formula.
  2. Now see on your notifications panel by swiping down.
  3. Here you will find a Screenshot Icon, Press on it and wait for the screen flashes.
  4. Now, your appearance will be saved in your gallery as a JPEG Or JPG format.

So guy Now you can easily capture the screenshot on Galaxy A12 Mobile. Here is the method, of how you can find the screenshot in your gallery.

How to Find Screenshot in Gallery on Galaxy A12

If you captured the screenshot then here is how you can find the screenshots in your gallery.

Method 1

In this method, you can find the screenshot using your file manager. Follow these simple steps…

  1. Go to file manager from your menu and press on it
  2. Now slide left-right and go on phone storage (Here you can directly search the screenshot folder using the search bar)
  3. Now go to Photos or the DCIM folder
  4. Here you can see the Screenshot file, here you can find your captured screenshots.

Method 2

In this way, you can find the captured screenshots using the google photos app. Most users use Google Photo galleries, So if you are also one of them, then you can try these simple steps.

  1. Go to your phone’s menu
  2. Find google photos
  3. Now scroll left or click on the library
  4. Here you can find the screenshot folder, where your screenshot is stored.

Method 3

In this method, you can find the stored screenshots using the default gallery. Follow these simple steps (The layout may be changed, depending on which version of the app you are using).

  1. Go to the mobile menu
  2. Find the gallery app and click on it
  3. Now go to folder options and find the screenshots folder
  4. Here you can see all of your stored screenshots.

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