Google Messages Update: Ultra HDR Image Support Unleashes a New Era in Messaging

Google Messages app has added support for Ultra HDR pictures in a quiet but significant upgrade, revolutionizing how users share photos via RCS-enabled chat. This improvement not only improves the visual experience but also demonstrates Google’s dedication to constantly improving its messaging platform.

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Ultra HDR, introduced with Android 14, is an improved generation of the JPEG format that boasts a greater dynamic range and seamless HDR data integration via metadata. While it has been seamlessly integrated into the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices, its wider adoption by other OEMs has been gradual.

Google Messages app has been a messaging trailblazer, always expanding to keep up with the pace of other Android instant messaging apps. The most recent, albeit quietly published, update adds support for the Ultra HDR image format, allowing users to easily share beautifully detailed and bright photos.

Features of Ultra HDR Support in Google Message App

Google Message logo
Google Message logo

The Google Messages app, which now supports Ultra HDR photos, ensures that photographs shared over RCS-enabled messaging maintain important metadata. This implies that receivers will see realistic colors and precise features regardless of their device’s display capabilities.

TheSpAndroid’s keen eyes first detected this transformational update within the Google Messages app. The APK file for the newest version contains a new flag – bugle.support_ultra_hdr – indicating the inclusion of Ultra HDR support.

This technological improvement is consistent with Google’s continued attempts to improve user experience and maintain its messaging app at the cutting edge of innovation.

Despite other OEMs’ delayed acceptance of Ultra HDR, Google’s proactive strategy assures that users of its Messages app may immediately reap the benefits of this cutting-edge image format. Even though there was no official press release, the company’s commitment to keeping ahead in the messaging market is clear in this latest development.

For those who use Google Messages as their primary chat app, the latest edition introduces an exciting new feature. Sharing high-quality, dynamic photographs is now simple and worry-free thanks to Ultra HDR image support. Google’s dedication to staying at the cutting edge of messaging technology ensures that its consumers consistently have a superior messaging experience.

Users can expect further advancements that keep them at the forefront of the growing world of Android instant messaging as Google continues to refine and expand the capabilities of its Messages app.


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