Gemini AI 1.5 Pro Can Generate “Text To Video” With Mind-Blowing Editing

Google recently integrated Gemini AI into Google’s Voice Assistant now its new model that comes to the public is Gemini 1.5 Pro can generate mind-blowing text to video using your text script.

The Gemini AI is a basically Generative AI tool developed by Google as a chat assistant. The Generative AI buzz on the internet when OpenAI released the ChatGPT and then almost all the tech giants jumped into this.

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Google’s new Gemini AI 1.5 Pro can generate Text, Images And after combining images, can generate videos based on your script.

Gemini AI 1.5 Pro

Gemini AI 1.5 Pro text to video
Gemini AI 1.5 Pro text to video

As from the source, this upgraded AI can read and behave the prompt for a large content also. It can generate large text content, images, and videos following directed by you.

Google’s Vice President Oriol Vinyals and co-tech lead spoke during the press conferences, said “Tomorrow, we’re excited to see what the world will make of the new capabilities“. This means the new AI model carries a larger content-generating capability and it can be far better and enhanced than its previous model Gemein AI 1.0.

For those who are unaware, its rival OpenAI has also introduced a Text-to video maker tool named Sora AI which also can generate humane text video at up to 1 minute limitation currently it is only available for the red teams (Testing Teams) they will test the risk and issues that can be generated in future.

The Sora AI is also based on generative AI and can generate AI images and short videos even in high quality, You can see a few generated pictures here.

In Conclusion, Google is now focusing on enhancing and training AI models as you can see the company has integrated the Gemini AI into the voice assistant and openly said that “Google Voice Assistant is now Gemini AI”.

Now it is a very hard time coming for certain filmmakers and video editors because this generative AI can generate also complex videos within a minute while humans take more than 7 days to make a full complex short video.

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