OpenAI’s New Innovation: Sora AI can Generate a mind-blowing video From The Script!

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, many companies are introducing their advanced AI technologies. Recently, OpenAI introduced a new tool called Sora AI, which can create mind-blowing videos based on your script.

However, there are so many tools available in the market that can generate text to video but it looks like an Artificial And Not impressive video content OpenAI’s Sora AI is super excellent in this cage.

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OpenAi's Sora AI generated baby cat vide/image

Can you imagine that you have a full script and you get instantly an automated video with the right cuts, excellent use of animation, Necessary Texts, and most importantly human-like video finish?

What Is Sora AI?

Sora is an AI-based model developed by OpenAI that can generate hume-like videos based on your script. I can add complex scenes, cuts, text, necessary images, etc. Currently, it is Iin Starting those and right now it can generate 1-minute videos based on your text.

OpenAI's Sora AI generate ice elephant video/image

To use it, you just have to behave like a partner. For example, if you using Google Assistant and SIRI voice assistant, you have to talk to this Sora AI to generate, excepted videos for you.

How does Sora AI work?

Sora is a machine learning system that runs on a complex neural network, which can learn from data and perform complex tasks. For its learning, it makes use of an extensive library of videos with a wide range of topics, styles, and classifications.

Sora analyzes a text prompt to pinpoint important details such as the subject, action, setting, chronology, and mood. It then searches its video library for the most relevant clips that match these keywords. These clips are expertly combined to create a brand-new video composition.

If you want to generate a video with a boy standing on his bicycle then you just have to talk naturally to the Sora AI like “Hey Sora, Please generate an Image where are a park and a boy standing with his Red Color Cycle, there are too many birds flying, and the boy is looking those birds” Within minutes you can see AI generated 1-minute video.

What are the benefits of it?

The way the popularity is increasing, very soon a lot of people will become unemployed. However, it will be very useful for the creator also. While creating a normal video takes a lot of time, with the help of this, you can create even more complex videos instantly with humane editing.

If you are a video creator or movie creator then you can use the AI-generated image for a complex scene without wasting so much money, time, and effort. Currently, it can generate 1 minute videos only but when you generate multiple shorts one by one then you can make full short movies, Not only that, this is just and start and very soon you can generate long videos also using AI. So believe Me or not, These AI can destroy whole human systems in the Future.

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