BGMI Update 2.0 brings a Redesigned Livik Map, Weapons, Vehicles, and More…

India’s one of the most popular tactics games, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) gets its recent update 2.0.

In this update, Krafton has redesigned the Old Livik map, even though they have brought more weapons and vehicles, etc.

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bgmi update 2.0
BGMI update 2.0

This update is now live and is expected to reach users eventually. Here is a new feature of the game released today.

What is New in BGMI Update 2.0

First up is the new Livik map, which updates and redeploys existing terrain and objects.

The BGMI Update 2.0 brings some new features that are only available on Livik maps. As part of the update, a new UTV vehicle will also be available, which is a high-speed and four-seater. People are informed to be careful when driving as there is no ballistic protection.

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The update also contains the new XT upgrade crate, which lets players upgrade their existing weapons such as AKM, M416, P90, MK12, and M24 to XT weapons, making them more effective. Crates can also be purchased through supply stores.

New interactive areas such as football areas will be available for players to earn tokens. They can also consume herbs to replenish their HP. Arsenal will also seem for players to use weapons, armor, upgrade kits, and more.

The new BGMI update also features Zipline-Way across the Livik Map, which can be viewed in the mini-map. Stay careful, players can be hit by enemies while riding the zipline.

Airdrops will also be sketched on the minimap, and recall towers will appear to revive defeated comrades. There is also a new football mini-game.

In addition, there are new weapons such as MG3 in Metro Royale mode, emergency pickups in Erangel and Miramar maps, shotgun rebalance, improved footstep sounds, and new matchmaking animations have been added. Read more via @Source

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