boAt Bassheads 242 Review With Pros And Cons Facts [2024]

If you want to Livestream your gameplay on YouTube but you can’t afford expensive items then you have to use a budget but at least decent performance gadgets to make your gaming competitive to attract your viewers.

One of the essential gadgets to stream your gameplay on YouTube is the best Headphones or Earphones. Without this, you can’t create competitive gameplay skills.

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bOat Bassheads 242 image
Boat Bassheads 242

But the main question is, how to make a budget purchase while you want a flagship killer performance. The bOat Bassheads 242 can give you those things, that you need.

Boat Bassheads 242 is one of the professional gaming earphones that come in under the Rs 600 price range. However, its original price starts from Rs 1490 but there is a big sale offer for you, if you buy bOat Bassheads 242 wired earphones from here, you can grab up to 63% discounts on this item here. Purchase from here…

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I bought these earphones 6 months ago to experience them. Here I will share, the midrange gaming earphone’s king bOat Bassheads 242 Review and my own experience.

The Boat is a popular Headphones and Earphones manufacturer and producing company, not only in India but even over the world. According to a report published on a news website in the USA, bOat is the most popular and most selling Headphone and Earphone brand after Apple products.

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This brand introduces Mid-Range items with flagship killer performances, but this time, the company has decided to go with a High-Performance earphone at a very cheap rate. This brand almost killed the Samsung Earphones on this performance.

Boat Bassheads 242 Review

If you are eagerly waiting to buy these earphones then you should read this review. In this review post, we have shared my own experience with this earphone. Sometimes we are disappointed with some features but it happens almost 1% time. Read the review and specifications below…

Design & Colors

The boat has introduced a superior design in this variant. It is built-in with silicon, which makes you feel very smooth. It includes fit buds that allow you to maximize your workouts for a long period. Its buds are easily fitted on the ear making you feel comfortable.

We notice its dimension is 120 x 1 x 1 cm and its weight is just only 20 Grams, which is lightweight.

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Boat Bassheads 242 earphone features 10mm tangle-free PVC drivers that work nicely and improve performance, like flagship earphones.

You can find a controller on the wire to control the volume, confirm a call, or change the music tracks. Even the company has also placed a microphone inside the controller board to communicate with your teammates perfectly.

This earphone offers the 6 most premium color options, Blue, Active Black, Neon Green, Orange, Red, and Spirit Lime, and I love its Active Black and Spirit Lime colors


This wired earphone features a 3.5mm Audio output jack to make connections with your smartphones, IOS, iPad, or laptops. For iOS users, they have to use a USB Type-I to 3.5mm OTG Cable. It will help iOS Users to connect a 3.5mm Port.

Overall this earphone is compatible with all the general gadgets like smartphones, laptops, PCs, or speakers.

Noise Cancellation

I am disappointed with the earphones. The company hasn’t provided the Isolated Noise Cancellation feature in this gadget. The Noise cancellation feature makes you unaware of your outside world and crowd and It helps gamers to attention to their gameplay so that they can catch easily footsteps and any activities of enemies,

But no worry, because its design looks like a crowd reduction and it can reduce the outsider crowd amazingly without any Noise-Cancellation feature.

If you are a true music lover, then this earphone is perfect, because it provides immersive and 100% pure sound effects from the music. After all, it never gets inside the outside crowd.

Audio Performances

This earphone has 101db± 3dB sound sensitivity and it responds to their frequency at 20Hz-20KHz which is excellent. With this, it provides immersive sounds and high-beat sound effects.

It also purifies the good sound effects and as far as it tries to reduce the outside crowds most of the time. From my experience, at this price range, no one competes for these earphones under 500 prices.

It easily detects the enemy’s footsteps and activity as well. It has good immersive sounds that make you love this earphone.

What We Will Get In The New Pack

There is most important thing is, what do we get inbox when buying earphones. You will get some additional earbuds because sometimes we lose them. Especially me, I lost up to 3 earbuds till now.

Apart from there, the company has sent a Carry Pouch and a Warranty Card inside the new pack. I lost my warranty card, but you shouldn’t do this, it is an important paper because the company has planned to 1-yr a manufacturer warranty, but to claim your warranty, you need to email on boat official.

Pros & Cons Of Boat Bassheads 242 Review

There is one more thing what are the benefits and disadvantages when we buy the new bOat Bassheads 242 earphones? Here we have mentioned some points that help you to make the right decision.


  • Immersive Sound Effects and High-Bass
  • Cool and Comfortable Design
  • IPX4 Rating Protected for Sweat and Water Spray
  • 10mm Good Size Drivers
  • Made for sports mode
  • 6-attractive color variants
  • 20 grams lite weight
  • Tangle-Free Cord
  • Compatible With IOS / Android / PC
  • Stretch Resistant Cable


  • No Active Noise Cancellation
  • The wire is just decent, not the best, should improve it.
  • Saw a bit of degradation in bass after 3months of usage
  • The pause & play button does not work properly after 3 or 4 months

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on bOat Bassheads 242 Review

Here are some frequently asked question that comes to your mind instantly while you read the review and try to make this purchase. I hope this query will help you to make the right decision.

Is boAt BassHeads 242 good?

I will give 4.3 out of 5 stars on their performances and build quality. The sound quality is amazing, especially for gamers and live streamers.

Does boAt BassHeads 242 have active noise cancellation?

No. it comes with the support of Passive Noise Cancellation features, Which Means it doesn’t have NCS features, but its design will reduce the crowd rate and stop entering your ear.

How do I claim a warranty on a boat Basshead 242?

To claim the warranty on bOat Bassheads 242 earphones, you have to mail to this ID [email protected] mention the warranty information in the product, and attach a copy of the invoice

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