Apple is making two clamshell-style foldable iPhone prototypes: Report

While the whole tech giant of the planet involves Foldable Phones then why did Apple stay behind? Surprisingly, Apple is set to introduce its first foldable phone into the market by 2027.

As to the information, Apple is making at least two iPhones that will fold and flip widthwise like a clamshell. If the rumor becomes true, this will be one of the major hardware changes in Apple’s History.

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Apple’s First Foldable May Release in 2025

Apple Foldable, Apple Flip

According to the source, Apple may announce its first Foldable or Flip phone by the End of 2025 or the start of the Year 2026. However, there are no officially confirmed renders about its launch date or announcements but it is confirmed that Apple is Developing a Foldable or Flip phone.

Before launching, Apple needed to address all the technical issues Samsung has faced in the past. Samsung has launched the Flip and Foldable phones in the market but there are a lot of technical issues detected in the phone.

Most of the users complained about the Foldable Jack being stuck and it did not open and close properly. Apart from that, a few users also say that there a marks on the display when it folds and unfolds many times.

They have a big challenge to fix these errors and win the hearts as they have usually done with every new iPhone launch. Can you believe the company has testing the Foldable And Flip phones since 2020 but think he addressed the problems which is why it took its time while Samsung launched it and faced a lot of issues and user complaints.

Now a question arises here, Does Apple has addressed and fixed the issue so they have decided to launch its first foldable? We hope so because he needs to fix the problem before launch. We expected a better solution from Apple and they need to fix these technical issues before its launch.

Recently they have also launched its first Virtual-Reality system Vision Pro which created full hype in the market. An app Developer has also launched more than 200+ Dedicated apps for Vision Pro and the Dedicated YouTube app is on the way.

Currently Vision Pro sale is live in the USA and people experience it in their daily lives. CEO Tim Cook also shared their experience with it and said that it will be the future of the next generation.

Now we can expect a better launch from the company because the Vision Pro was also a major hardware change but the company did it excellently now next stop is foldable.

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