Apple Card Ends Partnership with Goldman Sachs – Report

Apple is planning to end its connections with Goldman Sachs Group GS.N, ending its joint venture on the Apple Card, in a decision that came as a surprise and was first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. It is proposed that the entire consumer partnership, including the savings account that was established earlier this year, be terminated within the next 12 to 15 months, according to persons who are familiar with the issue.

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In 2019, Apple and Goldman Sachs launched a virtual credit card, marking the start of their collaboration. This partnership, which sought to increase the bank’s customer base, was just renewed a year prior, with an original 2029 expiration date.

Apple Card News- Apple store
Apple Card News- Apple store (Image: Apple)

This is not just a credit card cancellation; it also affects their entire consumer partnership, which includes the savings account that the two announced earlier this year. This is a substantial change in approach for both businesses, particularly in light of their recent cooperation renewal.

Under its digital consumer bank Marcus, Apple debuted a high-yield deposit account in April of this year, directly challenging Goldman Sachs’ online savings account. This is a notable shift because the annual percentage yield on Apple’s deposit account is higher than that of its Goldman counterpart.

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The discontinuation of this partnership has consequences for customers who have accepted the joint products. Individuals who benefited from the Apple Card and its corresponding savings account will now have to adjust to other financial products.

Strategic Mode By Apple on Apple Card

At the moment of this decision, Apple is leading the financial services industry with notable advancements. In the US, the IT giant debuted its “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) program earlier this year. This endeavor is still centered around the Apple Card, which is powered by the Mastercard Installments program. Goldman is the one who issues the Mastercard payment credential.

The Apple Card has drawn notice for its distinctive characteristics. It is a digital-first credit card that is primarily intended for use with Apple Pay on gadgets like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The titanium physical card is devoid of a visible CVV, expiration date, signature, or card number. The Apple Card has made a name for itself in the crowded credit card market thanks to features like cashback benefits, no fees, and spending analytics accessible through the Wallet app on iOS devices.

In conclusion, There will be a change in the financial services industry as a result of Apple and Goldman Sachs splitting. Both businesses have undergone strategic changes with this collaboration’s end, and customers are left wondering how this will affect their financial services and goods. Apple’s decision to end the collaboration highlights its dedication to developing its financial products and gaining a greater market share.


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