iPhone 16: Apple Will Not Include Touch ID in Next Gen Phone

According to a recent claim, the future iPhones, dubbed the iPhone 16, may not include the Touch ID fingerprint unlock technology. This report comes from a reliable source on the Weibo platform, and it was originally noticed on the MacRumors website.

According to the most recent information, the machines that produce the chips for the Touch ID function in iPhones have been permanently shut off. The remaining ones are only for the iPhone SE 3rd generation. This strongly suggests that Apple does not intend to bring Touch ID back to iPhones.

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There aren’t many significant rumors claiming that the upcoming iPhones will include Touch ID, it’s more likely that it won’t. According to the claim, the fourth-generation iPhone SE will feature Face ID instead of Touch ID.

Some speculate that Apple is investigating a new type of fingerprint technology that would be placed beneath the display. This could be completed by 2026. This is consistent with the rumor that Apple intends to place Face ID beneath the display simultaneously.

iPhone 16 Touch ID

The recently cited Weibo source properly disclosed that the iPhone 14 would have the A15 Bionic chip, with the A16 chip reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro variants. Because this prediction was correct, it implies that other leaks from the same source may also be correct.

iPhone 16 Has Major Changes

According to a recent update, the chip for the next iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will go through a revised manufacturing process. The switch from the A17 Pro chip used in the iPhone 15 Pro is meant to reduce production costs for the next devices.

Furthermore, Apple’s shift away from Touch ID in favor of Face ID, as well as the potential inclusion of under-display fingerprint technology, demonstrates the company’s commitment to cutting-edge biometric security measures.

While Touch ID was a crucial feature in previous iPhone models, the change to facial recognition and under-display fingerprint scanning is consistent with industry trends. It will be interesting to see what distinguishing features the next iPhone 16 series adds next year to set it apart from the competition.


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