Xiaomi MIUI vs Samsung OneUI: Which is Better?

There are a lot of brands and their operating UI skins. Today We will discuss the most popular Xiaomi MIUI vs Samsung OneUI: Which is the best UI skin for Android users and why?

Xiaomi MIUI vs Samsung OneUI Which is Better
Xiaomi MIUI vs Samsung OneUI: Which is Better

What is UI in Smartphones?

The smartphone’s UI is a short form of ‘User Interface‘. It refers to the graphical layout and interaction design that allows users to interact with the device’s features and functions.

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In simpler terms, the UI is the visual and interactive layer that allows users to navigate their work through the various applications, settings, and features on their gadgets. Read, MIUI 14 Supported Devices List Surfaced Online- Brings Emphatic Qualities

The UI contains user-friendly elements such as icons, menus, notifications, status bars, home screens, and app interfaces, etc.

What is UI (User Interface) in smartphones?
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UI design plays an essential role in enhancing user experience by providing simple steps and visually appealing.

Good UI design seeks to create a seamless and enjoyable user experience, allowing users to effectively perform their tasks on their gadgets. You can read more about What is UI (User Interface) here.

Xiaomi MIUI vs Samsung OneUI: Which is the Best UI Skin for Mobiles?

Both of the UI skins are made for Android Smartphones and both are popular and known for their unique features in the public. Both are efficient in their own places with their own amazing features and interactive designs.

Xiaomi MIUI vs Samsung OneUI (1)
Xiaomi MIUI vs Samsung OneUI. (Image: Digital Trends)

Determining which one is better ultimately depends on individual preferences and requirements. Let’s compare them based on various factors:

1. Interface & User Experiences

  • MIUI: Xiaomi’s MIUI is a flexible and customizable theme that provides a minimalist design, Smooth graphics, and clean interfaces(Sometime, might see Ads)
  • OneUI: OneUI is one of the popular themes introduced by Samsung. It is a simple and clean theme that provides premium user experiences. It has a visually attractive interface with well-organized menus and intuitive navigation in simple terms

2. Customization

  • MIUI: With the numerous customization options, users can change the theme, icon pack, and font styles on their smartphone as well as its overall appearance. A built-in theme shop is also included for changing the readymade designs. Read, MIUI14 For POCO X3 Pro Delayed- The POCO X3 Pro Software Update Release Date
  • OneUI: OneUI offers reasonable customization, including altering the system-wide style, resizing app icons, and altering the home screen layout. In terms of customization, it might not be as adaptable as MIUI.

3. Functions & Features

  • MIUI: MIUI has a built-in security app, powerful gesture controls, dual apps for using multiple accounts, a Second Space for privacy, and a robust library of pre-installed apps. It also has handy utilities such as a built-in screen recorder, scrolling screenshots, and a convenient toolbox.
  • OneUI: Samsung’s OneUI is focused on giving a full of quality user interface. It has Edge Panels for rapid access to apps and tools, a secure folder for private documents, Samsung Pay for mobile payments, Bixby voice assistant, and several productivity-focused features including split-screen multitasking and Samsung DeX.

4. Performance and Optimization

  • MIUI: MIUI is known for its perfect time optimizations. Xiaomi provides updates and changes on a regular basis to improve device performance, system stability, battery life, etc.
  • OneUI: OneUI is well-optimized for Samsung devices, ensuring smooth performance and effective resource management. In addition, Samsung offers regular software updates to improve speed and security.

5. Great Ecosystem

  • MIUI: With other Xiaomi products and services like the Mi Fit fitness tracker and the Mi Cloud backup service, MIUI from Xiaomi offers seamless integration.
  • OneUI: Samsung’s network of products and services, such as Galaxy Wearable for smartwatches, Samsung Health for tracking one’s fitness, and SmartThings for managing one’s smart home, all are integrated by OneUI skin and run with them only.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What is UI in Smartphones?

The UI in any gadget including a smartphone is basically a visual interactive layer that allows people to customize work there work seamlessly. Read more in detail above…

OneUI vs MIUI: Which is best?

Both OneUI and MIUI are best in their own place. Both are popular and provide great user experience in both of the UI skins, Determined, we have some points between OneUI vs MIUI comparison, shared above.

Is MIUI faster than stock?

Stock Android is an overrated Optimized skin as we compare Xiaomi’s MIUI but there are lack of features, as we saw in the MIUI like Icon Modifications, Theme Modifications, Homepage, and other similar features are available in MIUI.

Why MIUI is slow on many Devices?

Xiaomi’s MIUI always brings new features with optimizations. But MIUI is heavy skin because of its multipurpose features and specifications and they need more space. If your Xiaomi phone getting slow, then try to keep internal storage free as possible.


In the end, both MIUI and OneUI offer unique benefits and have their own advantages. MIUI could be a better alternative if you want significant customization options and a lively user experience.

On the other side, OneUI could be more suitable if you like simple user interfaces and clean graphics, an easy-to-use interface, and compatibility with other Samsung devices. In the end, it’s advised to test out both interfaces to choose which one best suits your usage style and personal preferences.

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