Whatsapp Reaction Features Coming Soon In Whatsapp Messanger: 4 Interesting Features

Whatsapp is always tried to give its users flexibility. After a major update, the company has officially announced, that the Whatsapp Reaction features are about to come in WhatsApp messenger very soon.

Whatsapp Reaction
Whatsapp Reaction Feature

The company has confirmed this news officially on the WhatsApp blog. After the next update, you can react on WhatsApp chat like Facebook Reaction.

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Whatsapp Reaction Features Coming In Few Weeks

On the official Whatsapp blog, the company has confirmed that, in a few months, they had worked on Reaction features, and now it is available for beta users.

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Currently, users have to share Emoji to react on WhatsApp chat, and it will be a boring method, So the company has now carried and in a few days, you can access the Whatsapp Reaction features on your WhatsApp chat.

What Is New In Whatsapp Next Major Update

Very soon, you can get the latest major update from your legal app stores. As the company has claimed, the messenger app is going to get the 5 best features in the next update.

1. Whatsapp Reaction On Chat

As per the official report, the WhatsApp users can react on WhatsApp chat, as you saw in Telegram and Facebook apps. Currently, users struggle to react in the chats and share the emoji to express their feeling, but after this update, you can share your feeling via WhatsApp reaction.

2. Admin Can Delete The Message

After these major updates, users can delete the shared WhatsApp messages and chats. A WhatsApp group admin complained that one of its members spammed in-group via sharing inappropriate things, but the adding can’t remove that user, because of its other value in the group.

Now, it is easy to remove the wrong chats and media files from the group. As per the report, the group admin can access this feature.

3. File Sharing Length Increased

Currently, users can share only 16Mb files in the chat, but after the update, users can share up to 2Gb files in the group chat. The file-sharing lengths are now increased officially.

4. Bigger Voice Calls

As per the report, after these updates, now you can add more than 30 people in a single call. Whatapp has officially confirmed that, after these updates, Whatsapp users can group calls by adding 32 people in a single call.

Apart from these major updates, the company has enhanced the security system and add the end to end encrypted community messages and calls.

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