Top 5 Best Earphones Under 1500- Powerful Earphones In a Cheap Budget

The Best Earphones Under 1500– The best headphones or earphones are essential things for smartphones. Everyone likes to listen to music or use it for gaming.

Earphones are also helpful in answering phone calls, But the real question here is whether it is useful to listen to music with low-quality earphones.

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The majority of individuals would respond that bad quality earphones will not provide them with the comfort of listening to music as well as the genuine feel.

Top 5 Best Earphones Under 1500- Powerful Earphones In a Cheap Budget
These are the Top 5 Best Earphones Under 1500- Powerful Earphones In a Cheap Budget

As a result, many individuals are continually looking for decent quality earphones with a somewhat higher range.

Earphones are classified into two types, over the ear, and in the ear. Over-the-ear earphones are commonly referred to as headphones, whereas in-ear headsets are referred to as earphones.

Which are the Best Earphones Under 1500?

If you decided to buy the best earphones under 1500 then, you should check one of this list, we have made after spending a lot of hours. In this list, we have listed the best-rated, powerful earphones in the low-budget category.

  1. AmazonBasics (Rs 1449)
  2. boAt Rockerz 330 Pro (Rs 1449)
  3. Sony MDR-EX155AP (Rs 1249)
  4. Redmi SonicBass (Rs 1099)
  5. JBL Endurance Run (Rs 949)

These best earphones under 1500 are collected by spending a lot of hours to research. These earphones have an extra deep bass with a crystal sound effect, that will help you to enjoy music or movies, even you can use them for competitive-level gaming because its bass will definitely indicate your enemies’ footsteps.

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1. AmazonBasics (Rs 1449)

AmazonBasics (Rs 1449) The Best Earphones Under 1500

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Amazon Basics is one of the best earphones under 1500 because of its comfortability and sound effects. If Amazon provides a product with the qualities I require and at a reasonable price, I always select it. These earphones are eagerly recommended to gamers, who love extra bass to guess the enemy’s activity.

Its AI mode is designed to maintain an optimal internal temperature while reducing power usage.

It has a completely covered rear, so there is no exposed, unsightly compressor to be seen. Inside compartments are built with a very sturdy PVC material that will make your comfortability good.

Special Features

  • Simple and comfortable designed for your long-term use without any trouble.
  • Active AI Mode that will help you to use it effortlessly.
  • Have a deep bass to enjoy the music or Detects the Enemy’s footsteps while gaming.
  • This headphone is MFI Certified and featured Lightning Connector to perfect connections
  • You can Answer the calls with a built-in microphone physical button.
  • It will Improved moisture resistance to withstand perspiration and splashes
  • And the most important thing is it is Compatible with all Lightning-enabled devices that support iOS 10 or later, including iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone including Android Phones.

2. boAt Rockerz 330 Pro (Rs 1449)

boAt Rockerz 330 Pro (Rs 1449)

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This Roker earphone is also one of the best earphones under 1500. The Rockerz 330 Pro has a huge playing length of up to 60HRS on a single full charge.

This neckband has with ENx technology, which helps to capture your speech without background noise and allows you to be heard clearly over voice calls.

The neckband can store up to 20 hours of enjoyment in just 10 minutes of charging time. The 10mm drivers deliver the boat’s Signature sound whenever you want to immerse yourself in your favorite music.

You can listen to your favorite songs worry-free thanks to the IPX5 water-resistant rating. You may benefit from dual pairing by keeping the neckband linked to two devices at the same time.

it provides Rockerz 330 Pro earphones, Additional Earbuds, a Charging Cable, a User Manual, and a Warranty Card inside the new pack.

Special Features

  • It gives up to 60h playback time.
  • Have an ENX technology in the neckband.
  • Supports Dual Pairing mode.
  • Protected via IP Rating X5 protection.
  • Supports Bluetooth V5.0 which is also the latest generation.
  • Its dimension is ‎17 x 14 x 2 cm, 35 Grams
  • Have Type-C charging supports.
  • Erogasmis sound quality.

3. Sony MDR-EX155AP (Rs 1249)

Sony MDR-EX155AP (Rs 1249) best earphones under 1500

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The Sony MDR-EX155AP is one of the bestest earphones under 1500 because of its compatibility, design, and sound effects. Its design is made for stops outside crowds so that it will help you to full concentration on your gameplay.

It has an In-line mic for hands-free calling and supports 9 mm, neodymium drivers, for powerful sound effects.

This earphone s so comfortable and features secure-fitting silicone earbuds for long-term listening hours without any trouble.

It has a greater sound pressure of 103dB/MW and a frequency range of 5 Hz to 24,000 Hz. So this earphone is highly recommended to gamers and music lovers, because of its deep bass and sound effects.

The so loud sound can disturb your daily listening power, but this one won’t, because it featured deep bass with sweet sound effects. It gives ‎headphones, Operating Instructions, 3 Silicon Earbuds, a Reference Guide, and a Wire Manager in the new pack.

Special Features

  • It has a ‎Tangle free cord
  • Its integrated ‎Lithium Polymer battery provides more than 30h standby playback time.
  • It has 9 mm Neodymium Drivers for Powerful, Balanced Sound
  • Featured In-Line Mic for effortless Hands-Free Calling
  • This headphone is Lightweight for Ultimate Music Mobility
  • Provides Comfortable Secure Fitting Silicone Earbuds

4. Redmi SonicBass (Rs 1099)

best earphone under 1500

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Redmi SonicBass is also the best wireless earphone under 1500. Its price comes to around 1000 and on the offer, you can buy under 1000 rate.

It has a battery life of up to 12 hours. Keep yourself engaged for hours on end with music, movies, and video streams. This wireless earphone has a long battery life of up to 12 hours and may be used to pick up calls on a daily basis.

When you reach 20% battery, the earbuds remind you to charge so that you may charge as needed. The Redmi Sonicbass has a battery life of up to 200 hours.

Its dual microphone with Noise-Cancellation capabilities will reduce background noise and let you make clear calls. The dual-mic ENC reduces background noise during calls and makes your speech crisp and clear on the other end.

Have you ever received a phone call while viewing a movie on your laptop? Keep two devices connected at the same time and experience active switching between them.

It has 9.2 mm dynamic speakers for enhanced sound quality and an exciting music listening experience.

Special Features

  • Clear and Immersive Sound Effects
  • Deep bass with Crstelic sound
  • 120 mAh battery capacity which provides up to 200 h standby playback time.
  • It has a dual-mic with active noise-cancellation features.
  • Equipped with 9.2 mm dynamic drivers

5. JBL Endurance Run (Rs 949)

Best earphones under 1500

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The Endurance Run is designed by JBL Music studio which also provides amazing sound effects at its price. It also comes under the best earphones under 1500 price list.

Its In-ear Wired Headphones feature 8.2mm Dynamic Drivers and Ear tip material which s built-in with Silicon.

It has Fliphook Technology headphones with a flexible two-way design that allows you to wear them in-ear or behind the ear.

Aside from that, it has an IPX5 Sweat Proof Design to withstand your high-intensity exercises. Its physical button will allow you to accomplish more things with ease. For everyday usage, it offers hands-free calling, a one-button control, and a microphone.

It also features a Long Press function on the remote to enable Voice Assistant on your mobile device. When not in use, its Magnetic Earbuds made cord management simple.

Please check that the 3.5mm port on the Host device is clean and dust free and that the 3.5mm jack of the earphone is properly placed into the Host device port.

You will get an earphone, 3 sizes of ear tips, an enhancer, a warning and warranty card, a safety card, and a QSG in the new pack when you buy it online.

Special Features

  • Available in 5 Color options
  • Strongly wired connectivity
  • Has an L-Shape jack for comfortable use
  • It has an 8.2mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Featured Fliphook Technology
  • Protected with IPX5 Sweat Proof Design

So guys’s These are the best earphones under 1500 budget. These phones also carry top-rated reviews and achieve more than 4.5 public ratings out of 5. So you don’t have to be scared about these earphones or your budget.


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