TikTok Is Testing YouTube-Like Feature: Big Rival For YouTube Is Coming!

Currently, YouTube’s rival platform is TikTok which shares short videos only but according to the latest rumor and trusted information TikTok is testing the 30 Mintures Long Video feature which allows you to upload up to 30 minutes of video on TikTok as you can in YouTube.

After this statement, YouTube may face a big rival by Tik Tok. TikTok has also a large community that is already waiting for the long-video features. If TikTok launches this feature to the public, it may be a hard time for YouTube.

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As per the January 2024 reports, currently, Tik Tok has more than 2.7 billion downloads and 1 billion+ active users worldwide. However, India and a few more countries have banned this application by sniping the Unauthorized Data Sharing Issues still it has billions of active users worldwide.

YouTube Vs TikTok

Tiktok Viral

Instagram brought the Reels feature as short videos while the most popular YouTube has also introduced the YouTube Short Features as a short video section where you can upload and watch the short videos you enjoyed in TikTok.

TikTok is Testing YouTube-Like Features

According to a trusted source, TikTok is testing a 30-minute video feature which is currently in the testing phase. TikTok is a worldwide popular short video streaming platform where you can upload up to 1 minute short video, furthermore, you can get in touch with your fans by becoming live and talking face to face. It become so popular because it takes time to enjoy a certain topic while a long video takes more time, this is the main reason behind the short video popularity.

However, it doesn’t affect the long video streams because other topics need the long video size so almost every Tik Tok User has also had a YouTube Channel. By caring about it, Tik Tok is looking to prevent others from reaching out to other platforms and that’s why Tik Tok is testing the 30-minute-long video features.

Currently, this feature is in progress. Within a few months, it can be live for its users. But after that, the thing to be seen is how it affects YouTube and YouTubers. Because Tik Tok allows these features it might seen that who want to post long videos, don’t have to reach out from there, they can post long videos on their existing Tik Tok Profile.

So, it is expected that it may affect worldwide users of YouTube however it doesn’t affect YouTube India because MeITY has banned 200+ cheese applications including Tik Tok.

What If, TikTok Is Back In India?

It is hard to say that, there its only a few chances for Tik-Tok back in India but if it is possible, YouTube may face a very big rival by Tik-Tok because everyone knows the effect of TikTok in India. Many Rural people become Popular Celebrities in a night by getting popular on Tik-Tok, so if Tik-Tok gets back in India, YouTube will face a very hard challenge.

By the way, what do you think guys? Can Tik Tok reverse back in India and if yes, then what will be the effect of it in India?

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