Should You Buy POCO X3 Pro In 2024- 5 Comprehensive Reasons to Buy

Should I Buy POCO X3 Pro In 2023- POCO X3 pro is the most powerful flagship killer smartphone for around a $260 budget. It features a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor which is generally integrated into the expensive phone.

But the POCO has decided to go with a mid-range device with that performance. The POCO X3 pro was launched on March 30, 2021, and recently the device gets Android 13-based MIUI 14 updates.

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After the MIUI 14 POCO X3 Pro update, the phone feels smoother and has improved as well. I have used POCO X3 Pro for 1 year, played PUBG Mobile, and used COD Mobile, and currently, this phone looks in good condition, even after the MIUI 14 update.

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But my friend’s device died a few months ago, because of its heavy use. You can play games for longer sessions, but not the whole day. My friend played a game the whole day, even, while charging, which cause a problem with the mobile, and gets dead, says Repairing Center Engineer.

I have the POCO X3 Pro in good condition and recently gets the MIUI 14 update after that, the phone looks fantastic with improved stability and speed.

Should I Buy POCO X3 Pro In 2022

The POCO X3 Pro was launched in 2021 and it is in 2023, so I think the phone get older. It isn’t mean that the phone is older, now! My thought on that is, this phone might not get the next major Android Update.

Basically, a phone gets 2 major Android Update and 3 UI update, and the POCO X3 Pro already get Android 12 based on MIUI 12, MIUI 13, and now MIUI 14 update.

The new update brings some good flexibility to the mobile, so if you are ready to sacrifice with that, then you can go with POCO X3 Pro Mobile.

This phone has flagship performance, Killer Speed, and an amazing gaming experience till now. There are no smartphones with the same speed under the $260 (Rs 20000) budget.

So if you are still confused about whether Should You Buy POCO X3 Pro In 2023? then the answer is, Yes! The main reason behind that is the Budget. If you can afford more than a $300(Rs 25000) budget, then you can go with the latest model of the flagship smartphones, otherwise, you have to go with the POCO X3 Pro if you want a killer speed and a smooth gaming experience around $260 (Rs 20000) budget.

POCO X3 Pro Author Review on Buy POCO X3 Pro in 2023

I personally used this mobile for more than 14 months and here we going to show you my experience with this mobile.

Firstly we talk about its design and build quality. The Mobile looks bulky and thick. The back panel is built-in with plastic and looks like the standard design

The front side has a 6.67 inches IPS LCD display that supports an Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. This display looks decent. We played different heavy games and run heavy apps on this mobile at high settings, but we never gets any kind of problem

Talking about its battery capacity. We charged the mobile 100% using its 33W fast charger. Its 5160mAh battery takes around 50 minutes time to set from 0% to 100%

After that, I played a PUBG Mobile game for more than 3 hours and currently, my mobile is charged 43% which is marvelous.

Faced A Little Lag

Sometimes we faced a little lag when the mobile gets overheated while playing heavy games, then we faced some small lag issue

But its liquid cooling technology works fine and the mobile will get normalized in just a few minutes

My Opinion

So my opinion on that is If you are looking for a gaming phone on I budget, then you definitely have to go with this mobile. This mobile gives you more flexibility to play competitive gameplay. You can read POCO X3 Pro Full Review From Here.

By the way, It is 1 year gone with my 2nd POCO X3 pro and currently, it is working fine! I personally used this phone for editing videos and creating some UI/UX design for blogs, Youtube videos, or any kind of freelancing services!

Even though we have used this phone, Played PUBG, Played BGMI, COD, and Asphalt and it is currently working fine! When you think about whether should you buy POCO X3 Pro then, my opinion is Yes!!

Is Poco X3 Pro worth buying?

Yes, the POCO X3 pro is one of the flagship killer devices in this budget.

Should I Buy POCO X3 Pro In 2023?

If you have a limit of around $260 (Rs 20000) budget then the Answer is Yes! Because there are no good devices with the same speed and smooth gaming performance.

Is Poco X3 a good gaming phone?

Yes, the POCO X3 pro equips an Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor in this mobile, which can run heavy games and apps in this mobile smoothly.

Is the Poco X3 Pro worth buying in 2023?

Yes! If you are looking for a fast-experience smartphone under an affordable budget then the answer is Yes, otherwise you have to go with more than $300 smartphones.

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