Samsung Phone is Stuck on the Charging Screen: 3 Best Solution

Users may face various issues with their mobile devices, such as an unresponsive phone, failure to charge, being stuck in the Charging Screen, or a perpetual boot loop post-update. These problems can be frustrating, and inconvenient, and may disrupt productivity and communication channels.

Third-party applications can also make these issues worse by causing unexpected reboots. To address these concerns, it is advisable to employ troubleshooting methods to resolve software-related issues.

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By following these steps, you may encounter your problems can attempt to fix the underlying causes of these malfunctions, restoring functionality and usability to their devices.

How To Fix Stuck Charging Screen On Samsung Phone

Samsung Phone Charging Screen Stuck

One of these problems is that sometimes Samsung phones are Stuck On The Charging Screen and we have a solution for it that may work.

Method 1: Check Charging Accessories

One of the main problems may be because of the using uncomputable or unprofessional charging accessories. We all know Samsung provides you with the best compatible charging accessories with the phone and sometimes it does not, in this case, you have to buy only the compatible accessories but some users ignore this and start using different types of accessories.

The company official says that you have to use only Samsung Suggested Accessories with the phone to better for smartphone and battery health.

If you also make these mistakes then change it and check whether your problem is solved. If not then try 2nd method…

Method 2: Try Reboot On Safe Mode

Samsung has provided very useful and special features for fixing these types of bugs. You just have to reboot your phone in safe mode. Follow these steps–

  1. Long Press on the Power button until the Power Off Options Displays
  2. Now Touch And Hold the Power Off Option for a few seconds.
  3. Now you can see an option for Safe Mode, Click On It. Now Your Phone is in safe mode.
  4. To Disable/Remove Safe Mode, Just Turn Off the phone in the Normal Way and your phone will be out of Safe Mode.

Method 3: Try to Uninstall or Force Stop The Unauthorized Apps

Sometimes, we may install apps unofficially, which can cause the phone to stick. However, we may find the app useful and not want to uninstall it. In such cases, we can force-stop the application. To do this, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Find the App
  2. Now ta and Hole for a few seconds and a menu will open
  3. Here you can see an option for Force Stop, just press on that. That application will be out of working condition and stop all the background processes, it may solve your problems.

Method 5: Send Feedback

Few problems were generated due to the software update and if it happened because of your software update and you have tried everything, in this case, you have to Contact to Samsung Support Team and Send feedback to the Samsung Community Form. In this case, only Samsung Service Operation can fix these issues otherwise you have to visit the Samsung Service Center.

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