What is the Deco Pic App And How To Use It?

Deco Pic App Samsung– Samsung is always looking for the best user experience and innovative features for its users. They have introduced the Deco Pic App which is automatically installed on Samsung’s User’s phones silently.

Because of that, Everyone thinks that it is a Spying app but don’t worry! It is one of the best Editing App Tools developed and introduced by Samsung’s Developer.

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Samsung has quietly listed the Deco Pic app on the Galaxy store without any major advertising, despite the presence of many similar applications. The app comes pre-installed on new Samsung devices.

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Firstly users think that the Applications are Malware and should be removed, The reason behind this story is, that this application asks for Storage and camera data permissions, so the users get scared! but after that, they understand what is the Deco Pic App in Samsung.

If you are a Samsung Mobile user then you should try this one if you haven’t tried it! Here we have shared what is the Samsung Deco Pic and how to download and install it

What is the Deco Pic App?

The Deco Pic App is a photo editing tool designed specifically for Samsung users. It allows users to add stickers, live gifs, filters, frames, and stylish text designs to their selfies and videos. With its exciting features, the app is especially popular among short video makers and those who enjoy adding creative elements to their photos and videos. The unique and appealing creative elements make Deco Pic an incredible option for Samsung users.

When you start Deco Pic, you’ll be greeted with a user-friendly interface. The toolbar, which is neatly arranged at the bottom, offers quick access to a variety of editing options. You have limitless choices, from amusing stickers to stunning frames. To get started, choose the photo you want to edit and try out the many tools provided by Deco Pic.

Samsung Deco Pic App Features

Deco Pic App Interface
Deco Pic App Interface

Here are the best features of Samsung’s Deco Pick App that you should use once! We can’t explain everything in little words, but here we have shared some very useful and important features.

1. Deco Pic Live GIFs

It has different types of GIFs that can make your photos beautiful with decorative things. In the drawer, you can see a limited gif but by using search features you can get more gifs that can enhance your photo and video better than before! Using these features you can get thousands of gifs that match your photo and video.

2. Mask Feature in Deco Pic App

There is a different and useful feature in the Deco Pic app which is Masking! You can create a kind of mask in your photos and videos. These are readymade designed texts featured as masks that you can apply to your photos and videos.

The most important thing is, you can edit these texts and apply them. These features you can’t see in other applications but the Samsung Deco Pic provides them.

3. Beautiful Frames in Deco Pic

Frames allow you to make your photo and video decorative. It is a border area where you can place your photos and videos. There are so many beautiful Frames available in the app.

There are kinds of categories like THin border, thick border nature border, and creative borders that you can apply to your videos and photos.

How to download the Deco Pic App?

Currently, this application is compatible with some expensive and mid-range devices, but you can also enjoy the applications without official. For this, you have to download the Samsung Deco Pic package and install it on your mobile! You can download the Deco Pic from here.

Deco Pic App Download

There are versions available on the store, but this is a stable version that will work on your mobile! If you want to download the latest version of Deco Pic Ap then you can find the latest package here.

After downloading it, You have to install it on your device in the right way as usual when installing applications.

How to Use Deco Pic App?

Many people can’t use this application perfectly because of its interface! Here we have shared the path of the essential features so that you can easily find your favorite parts.

By the way, this app is currently available in the Galaxy Store, and you can easily download and install the latest version if you have the latest software-based device.

After installing this you have to open it and then the application will ask you permission for storage and camera access, you have to allow those all, and you have to permit audio access also for the best experience. After that this app will all be set to capture your memories and these get saved in your gallery.

What is the Deco PIC app used for?

The best alternative app for Snapchat! It allows you to capture some interesting shots and share them on your social media!

Can I delete the Deco Pic app?

Surely, you can delete the Deco Pic app from your store as normal!

Do I need the Deco PIC app?

If you don’t want to use external applications like Snapchat and have Samsung Mobile, you can download the Samsung Deco Pic app.

Is the DECO Pic App Spying Your Phone?

No, the Deco Pic app is not spying on your phone. It is the official app by Samsung but that appeared automatically so most people think it is a spying app but it is not true. The Deco Pic helps you to enhance your photos and videos through the best stickers and gifs.

Samsung’s dedication to promoting user creativity is shown with Deco Pic. You may turn your everyday images into superior pieces of art by learning how to use this function. Accept Deco Pic’s adaptability, play around with its many capabilities, and let your imagination go wild.

Deco Pic is a tool that enables you to transform fleeting moments into enduring visual masterpieces, enhancing your photo-editing abilities, captivating your audience, and leaving a lasting impression.

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