Main Reason Behind iPhone 15 Overheating Issue– Set to Fix In New Update

After the launch of the iPhone 15 Series, the first lot of users were concerned about overheating, Physical damage & durability of the phone. Well, the company has admitted that the Oveheating Iusses surfaced due to a bug apart from that the physical damage and poor Durability of the phone surfaced on the first lot of the sale of the phone.

iPhone 15 series
iPhone 15 series

In the next sale, the durability and the Physical damage problem seems won’t appear. While talking about overheating issues, the company has admitted this problem appeared because of a bug.

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So the company has stated that this bug will be fixed soon in the next upcoming security update. A large number of users said that this problem appeared after the iOS 17 Update. So what is the main reason behind the iPhone 15 Overheating?

Why iPhone 15 Series Overheating?

iPhone 15 Overheating Issues
iPhone 15 Overheating Issues Addressed & Fixes?

When Users initially set up their iPhones and back up their data, they usually find that their phones become warm. This happens as a result of the phone’s heavy workload. This heating issue is more evident and problematic on the iPhone 15.

The company has claimed that these issues may arise from recent updates to third-party apps, causing them to put too much strain on the system.

Apart from that, the company said that, To address the iPhone’s heat issue, the upcoming iOS 17 bug update will not sacrifice performance. The heating issue, according to Apple, is unrelated to the new titanium casing used in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, which replaces the stainless steel used in prior generations. Furthermore, Apple denied rumors that the new USB-C port caused the overheating issue, which was added to comply with European regulatory requirements.

Should You Buy iPhone 15 Over iPhone 14?

Probably not! I won’t recommend you buy an iPhone 15 if you have already an iPhone 14 in your pocket. Yup, there are some major changes in the iPhone 15 but It Looks so expensive apart from that it looks scary due to Durability & bug issues.

Not everyone can afford extra expenses when they have already invested a lot. When we talk about it, the performances look almost similar. There is a little better performance has been seen in the Pro & Pro Max models, but the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models have better performance almost similar.

But buying an iPhone 15 over an iPhone 14 totally depends on you. If your pocket allows you to go with the 15 series then you can go with the 15 but I won’t recommend you to go with a normal iPhone 15, you should go with the Pro Or Pro Max Model if you want a powerful performance.

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