Realme UI Android 13 Update- 10 Important Features Explained!

Realme smartphones capture the market very fastly whole over the world after Xiaomi Devices. The main reason is that this company has provided many daily use features, robust systems, multi-purpose features, and many expensive things, that you can see in only costly devices.

Realme UI Android 13 Update- 10 Important Features Explained!
Realme UI Android 13 Update- 10 Important Features Explained!

So, using this strategy Xiaomi and Realme grow themselves very fastly in the mobile market. Slowly these companies have started entering other technologies like Headset Laptops, fridges, smartwatches, TV, OLED displays, and many other technologies.

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In this post, we will talk about the latest Realme UI Android 13 update. In comparison to the user interfaces from other firms, Realme is considered to be the most approachable.

Every year, Realme releases a new UI iteration based on the most recent Android release. Realme will change its UI this year as well, and it will be based on the impending Android 13 version.

In the upcoming update of Realme UI Android 13, the company has fixed many bugs, fix security, and presents lag-free graphics.

Realme UI Android 13 Update- 10 Amazing Features

Here in this post, we have explained 10 amazing features that you will give a heart definitely. ReadEligible POCO Device to Get MIUI 14 Update

1. Kid Space Feature

Now Realme is looking to secure your child. In the latest Realme UI Android 13 update, the company has brought a Kid Space feature with the help, your child can’t search for anything else on the browser.

Your browser app immediately changes to Kids Mode so that it is suitable for children. In addition to that, the company has included a number of detailed features, including reminders for children to sit up straight and to keep their phones away from them.

2. Enhanced Media Controller

In the latest Realme UI and Android update, the company has enhanced the media-controlling, graphics, animations, Quick Settings, etc. With the help of you can control media effortlessly using its Quick Settings.

In addition, it optimizes the widget design to make information more accessible and user-friendly. It optimizes fonts for easier reading, which is good for the eyes. Read- Huawei Mate50 Series Launch Date Officially Announced- Powerful Snapdragon 778G SoC

With the help, you can add a large folder on the display so that you can easily access some specific folder instantly.

3. AES Encrypted

The Realme UI Android 13 Update improved the security of private files by introducing an encryption standard like AES, which is used to encrypt all files. So that you can frankly store your data anywhere on your device.

4. Eye Comfort Shield

To secure your children’s eyes from blue radiation which is produced by the digital screen, the company has brought Eye Comfort Shield. It will stop radiation vision from direct light.

5. HyperBoost 4.0+

In order to balance performance and power consumption when playing heavy games, upgrades to HyperBoost GPA 4.0 were made.

Gamers will be able to play games without latency appreciations to hyper boost, which will enhance gaming performance and make your graphics smoother. So that you can record your gameplay and upload it to our social media and YouTube channel also.

6. Screenshot Features

In the Realme UI Android 13 update, you can edit the screenshots you have captured. The company has added the Screenshot Editing Tool, but you have to download its components after the update.

7. AOD Features

As you know, AOD (Always-On-Display) features super beautiful and essential tools for every smartphone.

With the most recent update’s addition of this functionality and more customization of Always-On Display settings, using AOD is now more engaging.

In addition, it contains features like the Optimized Portrait Shape Always-On Display and line colors.

8. Optimized Homescreen

As compared to the old setup, the latest update brought a good Composition of Apps gallery on your Homescreen.

On the home screen, you can keep a larger folder from the file to access the instant folder. So it will make you accessible to kind of file effortlessly.

9. Enhanced Security

In the Realme UI Android 13 Update, the company has enhanced the security and added many important features that you will definitely like. Its Kids Space and Radiation Light Visual blocker are really amazing features in this update.

It will secure your children’s daily purpose and its personal files also.

10. Gaming Optimized

In the latest Realme UI Android 13 update, the company has included HyperBoost GPA 4.0+ with the help of your CPU can produce lag-free animations. it will force your Frame Rates on the top so that you can play competitive gameplay.

Realme UI Android 13 Release Date

We recently got a sneak peek at Realme UI Android 13 Update features when Google published the Android 13 beta for a few devices. These capabilities will likely also be included in the Realme UI 4.0, which is based on Android 13.

After the launch of the ColorOS 13 upgrade, Android 13-based Realme UI 4.0 is expected to launch in the 4th quarter of this year.

Realme Android 13 Supported Device list

Here are all Realme Devices categorized into a series that will support the Android 13 update. Check your device is able or not to get the Android 13 Update.

Realme & 8 Series

Realme 9 4G
Realme 9 5G
Realme 9 SE 5G
Realme 9 Pro+
Realme 9 Pro
Realme 9i
Realme 8 Pro
Realme 8 4G
Realme 8 5G
Realme 8i
Realme 8s 5G

Realme GT Series

Realme GT Neo 3
Realme GT Neo 3 Naruto
Realme GT Neo 3T
Realme GT 2 Pro
Realme GT 2
Realme GT
Realme GT Neo
Realme GT Neo Flash Edition
Realme GT Neo2
Realme GT Neo2 DBCE
Realme GT Neo 2T
Realme GT Master Edition
Realme GT Master Explorer Edition

Realme Narzo Series

Narzo 30 Pro
Narzo 30 5G
Narzo 30 4G
Narzo 30A
Narzo 50A Prime
Narzo 50 5G
Narzo 50 Pro

Realme X Series

Realme X7 Max
Realme X7 Pro Extreme Edition

Reale V Series

Realme V25
Realme V13
Realme V11
Realme V25

Realme Q Series

Realme Q3s
Realme Q3
Realme Q3i
Realme Q3 Pro

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Which is the latest UI of Realme?

Realme now uses AI Smooth Engine, based on Realme UI 3.0, to manage resources more effectively. This increases battery life and system performance by making better use of the CPU and GPU.

Has Android 13 been released?

Google unveiled Android 13, the most recent iteration of its smartphone operating system, on August 15. It offers greater security and performance fixes in addition to a number of new features and enhancements.

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