POCO X3 Pro: warranty Extended in Response to Phone Death Issue

POCO X3 Pro was the best phone in the gaming community. Everyone considered This is the best gaming phone for under 20000 rupees. It carries the most powerful Snapdragon 860 processor with the max clock speed at 2.96GHz which give you a quality 60FPS excellent gaming experience.

POCO X3 Pro warranty Extended in Response to Phone Death Issue

I used this phone for a longer session. I bought this phone just for gaming purposes and guess what? I feel like I am using a flagship phone in terms of its gaming performance.

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But after something a large number of POCO X3 Pro Users started concerning “Phone Death” issues. Even my phone also getting death after 1 year and 3 months of use. I visited POCO/Xiaomi service center but got no solution. Even they were asking for almost Rs 9000 to change the motherboard.

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It looks like so expensive to repair my phone so I left out and get my home without repairing it. I also raised a question about the POCO community but nothing happen.

POCO X3 Pro Warranty Extended

It is now 2 years gone and get information from POCO about, the POCO X3 Pro Warranty go extended up to 6 extra months.

I Feel unlucky because my phone is still 1 month out of warranty after the company makes this decision. However, I can’t get the benefits, but you can! So share this post with your friends and family members to be aware of that!

Buying POCO X3 Pro in 2023 is Good?

Actually POCO X3 Pro is a 4G Based phone and this generation is going to be the fastest connectivity gadget. If you can be compromised with that, then you can go with the POCO X3 Phone, otherwise, we have other brands like Redmi, Realme & IQOO. You can see the list here.

Buying POCO X3 Pro is good but not the best idea because we always should go with the latest software and machine, and the POCO X3 Pro is based on previous software. Even though there are a lot of software bugs and issues, read here 5 Known Issues In POCO X3 Pro After MIUI 13 Update [JUNE 2022]

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