Nothing Phone 2 First Look & Impression- Show of the Glyph Interface

Nothing has introduced a brand new phone, the Nothing Phone 2 Which is considered, one of the most unique and premium devices after the iPhone.

The CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei announced it a few weeks ago and finally, we caught the Nothing Phone 2 First Look & Impression, which shows a classy glyph interface.

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Nothing Phone 2 First Look & Impression
Image: MKBHD

The first phone was Nothing Phone 1 which become the successor of the company and now the next variant Nothing Phone 2 make a big topic in the market.

The Nothing Phone 2 is almost in the market because it is all set to launch on July 11, 2023. The company has been slowly revealing bits of specifications over the past few months, and now it is ready to start its next promotional push with a new video showing off the Phone 2 and its new Glyph Interface.

Nothing Phone 2- First Look & Impression

A Popular Youtuber Marques Brownlee has recently uploaded the video of Nothing Phone 2 First Look and In hand feel.

In that video, you can see the light glyph of the phone and a bit of difference between both gadgets.

This phone will come with Nothing OS2.0 skin and there are a lot of improvements, feedback from the Phone 1.

Nothing seems to focus on the LEDs, as 16 of the 33 are placed in one long arc near the top of the back cover, which can be programmed as a progress bar. If you turn the volume up and down using the buttons, the bar fills and finishes, respectively.

Carl Pei has also said that the Nothing Phone 2 will come with the latest generation Chipset that will be multipurpose and can handle heavy applications with no lag and scratches.

Now we have that information got from the internet and the Marques Brownlee Youtube Channel. Stay Tuned with us to get the latest information on this gadget.

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