5 Known Issues in Nothing Phone 1 After Android 14 Beta Update

Nothing has introduced the Android 14 Beta update for all Nothing Phone 1 users. Even though many users started installing the Android 14 Beta Update on their phones. I am excited about the latest features and improvements. However, can you believe, we face many system Unstable and bugs after the Android 14 Beta Installation?

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However, We have seen many improvements in this update System Optimization, display efficiency battery consumption enhancements but we got 5 most important issues in the Nothing Phone 1 after the latest Andrid 14 Beta Update.

Android 14 Latest Features in Nothing Phone 1

First of all, let’s look at the new features in the latest Android 14 Update in the Phone 1. Additionally, it added an in-built Nothing launcher, Nothing Whether, and Nothing recorder features. Furthermore, it also added Preinstalled Nothing widgets that can win the hearts of users by giving a clean and impressive eye touch–

Nothing Phone 1
Nothing Phone 1
  1. API Level 34 Support: The Android 14 update for the Nothing Phone 1 now includes API level 34, which is based on Android 14 Beta 3 and promises better overall compatibility, increased security, and improved performance.
  2. Preinstalled Apps: It added Preinstalled essential apps such as Nothing Launcher, Weather, and Recorder offering users convenience and expedited access to frequently used tools straight out of the box.
  3. Nothing Widgets: It also added Preinstalled Nothing widgets are a new feature of the update that lets users add convenient and customizable widgets to personalize their device and improve the overall user experience. These upgrades demonstrate Nothing’s commitment to providing a flawless and intuitive mobile experience.

5 Known Issues In Nothing Phone 1 After Android 14 Beta Update

Nothing has launched the latest Android 14 Base NothingOS 2.5 Update for Nothing Phone 1, which turned users’ attention. The company launched the Nothing Phone (1) Closed Beta program for Nothing OS 2.5. Regretfully, due to participant selection, the program is now fully subscribed.

We tested this update and we feel it needs more optimization and improvement right now. here are the reasons why I am saying this. Here are the known issues in Nothing Phone 1 after the Android 14 Beta update.

  1. Fingerprint Sensor Not Working Perfectly: Before this update, the fingerprint read the right fingerprints and reacted fast but after the installation on the latest Android 14 beta 2 updates it was even sometimes did not register the right fingerprint. I have tried many times but the result was the same, which means it is a bug generated after the Android 14 Beta Update.
  2. Nothing Launcer Crashging: Several times we have seen the Nothing Launcher crashing even in the lite work. Sometimes we played games just for battery testing purposes but it crashed several times.
  3. Face Unlock Not Available: Surprisingly, There is no face unlocking in the beta update, I think it is a testing update but in the stable update it will be available, but, unfortunately, the Fee unlock service is not Available.
  4. Battery Needs Improvements: We have seen the battery Enhancements in this update but again we facing the same problem. I played games on this for an hour then we felt that it consumed battery faster than before. It may happen after overheating but I don’t think so because it consumes battery too fast that I can’t expect.
  5. Glyph Not Working Properly: We have tested Glyph work on multiple modes, but a few times we have seen it delayed in reacting. We can’t expect this phone about these types of problems but it may fixed in a new beta or stable update.

Is It Worth Buying Nothing Phone (1)?

Nothing is known for its adventurous, unique design, and clean UI skin. If you look at its specifications, multiple brands offer similar features, but the distinguishing factor between both models lies in the design. The Nothing Phone 1 showcases a glyph lighting show on the rear side, and it also features a customized NothingOS UI skin.

The point is, if you are looking for a phone with a premium design, extraordinary UI skin, the latest software, and new features, then the Nothing Phone 1 is a suitable choice. However, if you prioritize premium specifications over design, there are multiple other options available.

If you ask us for a recommendation, I would suggest going with the Nothing Phone 1 because it falls under the 30K budget range and offers a good and competitive processor, enabling multitasking and gaming capabilities.

What is the Price of Nothing Phone 1 In India?

The 8GB RAM and 128GB storage model’s price starts at Rs 29,999, while the 12GB RAM and 256GB storage model costs Rs 25,999. When you apply additional benefits such as bank offers, coupon codes, etc., you can avail an additional 15% instant discount.

Does Nothing Phone 1 Have a 144Hz Display?

No, Nothing Phone 1 has a 6.5-inch, 120Hz OLED display that allows buttery smooth movies and gaming. It also supports HDR10+ and 1200 nits Peak Brightness.


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