iQOO 12 Said To Come With the 144Hz, 1.5K Display– Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

The IQOO 12 is a monument to creativity and quality. The IQOO 12 pushes the limits of display technology motivated by an unwavering pursuit of perfection. We explore the finer points that set IQOO 12 apart from the competition in this extensive review. iQOO 12 Series Set To Launch With The Most Advanced 5nm

The cutting-edge OLED display at the center of the IQOO 12 has been painstakingly designed to give users an unmatched visual experience. This display has a pixel density comparable to that of reality itself, and it has a striking contrast ratio, rich blacks, and vibrant colors.

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iQOO 12 Specifications

Whether you’re playing the newest mobile games or streaming your favorite movies, the IQOO 12’s OLED display makes sure that every detail is brought to life with amazing clarity.

iQOO 12 To Bring 144hz, 1.5K Display

With its remarkable refresh rate, the IQOO12 is a formidable competitor in responsiveness and fluidity. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, this device ensures incredibly smooth animations and effortless scrolling, enhancing the overall user experience. As the IQOO 12 redefines what it means to navigate your digital world with grace and speed, say goodbye to lag and hello to seamless interactions. Is it Worth Buying the iQOO Neo 7 In 2023?

HDR10+ Support

The IQOO 12 enhances your multimedia experiences by supporting HDR10+, which opens up a world of vivid and realistic images. This smartphone makes sure that every picture is a work of art, whether you’re exploring the newest photography trends or binge-watching your favorite series. The remarkable dynamic range and color accuracy will captivate you and make your content come to life.

With its dedicated Reading Mode, this phone acknowledges the significance of eye comfort. This feature lessens eye strain during extended reading sessions by blocking out blue light. Without having to worry about getting tired, lose yourself in your favorite articles or e-books. The IQOO12 monitors your health as you enjoy the digital world.

The IQOO 12’s display is more than just about visuals. it also features intuitive touch controls that change the way you interact with your device. This smartphone’s highly responsive touch sensitivity ensures that every tap, swipe, and gesture is detected precisely. Switch between apps with ease, edit documents with ease, and play games with unparalleled responsiveness – the phone puts the power of touch at your fingertips.

As the release date approaches, the iQOO 12 Series is prepared to make a big impression, showing an unrivaled blend of design, performance, and innovation. Enthusiasts are excited for the chance to see a display that represents the peak of technological innovation, pushing the smartphone gaming and visual experience to new heights. iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition Launch Date And Price Revealed!


In conclusion, the IQOO 12 stands out as a trailblazer in the field of display technology. Its OLED brilliance, high refresh rates, HDR10+ support, reading mode, and intuitive touch controls all work together to create an unrivaled user experience. The IQOO 12 is a beacon of innovation as we usher in a new era of smartphone displays, inviting you to embrace the future of visual excellence.


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