iPhone 16 Camera Module Leaked But You Don’t Know Everything Yet!

iPhone 16 Camera Design Leaked: In a previous post, we covered leaked specifications of the much-rumored iPhone 16 lineup of all models. Now, the latest leak has surfaced on the internet, stating that the much-awaited iPhone 16 will come with a dual vertical aligner camera setup.

This leak surfaced by Majin Bu on Twitter where they shared an image with the camera module and captioned that “This would appear to be the new camera module of the iPhone as”

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iPhone 16 Camera Design

iPhone 16 Camera Design Leaks
iPhone 16 Camera Design Leaks

Do you know, that Majin Bu tipped many things about the iPhone 15 last year and it came true That’s why I believe that these tips can also be confidential.

According to Majin Bu’s Tweet, the iPhone 16 will carry a dual camera setup vertically aligned and the first camera will be the primary sensor while 2ndry will placed below and the flashlight will also placed along with them.

Some users commented that this is the first copy of Samsung Galaxy S23 or S24 design. If you notice, then seriously it looks like Galaxy’s camera module design.

iPhone 16 Camera Design Leaks
iPhone 16 Camera Design Leaks

Talking about the iPhone X’s vertical design, there is a big gap from the edge to the camera and this time the gap is smaller, that’s why it looks like Samsung’s first copy design of the camera module.

But a camera model also depends on the Specs and Sensors and currently, there is no new leak about the Camera Sensors. Leave it, We have more twists. Everyone talked about Apple moving back to the old design, but do you know why? let’s dive into the–

Why is Apple Moving to Standard Design for iPhone 16 Camera?

It is rumored everyone crowding that Apple is moving to old design but do you know, why this change was made? Apple is introducing the Spatial Video Mode for iPhones. Spatial Video mode allows you to record and view videos with a sense of depth and dimension.

It mainly Uses both the main and ultra-wide cameras in landscape orientation to give you real-time performance. When you view it on other gadgets then you can see it in 2D modes while if you watch the same recorded video in Vision Pro then you can enjoy the video in 3D modes.

So the vertically aligned primary and secondary camera is the best solution to record the Spatial Video, that’s why Apple is moving to the old rendered vertically aligned Camera Module.

In conclusion, the iPhone 16 Camera Desing just looks old from the outside, but there is a twist inside. The spatial video recording mode can give you an excellent move to your photography and videography skills.

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