iPhone 14 Pro Battery Issue: Huge Drop Less than An year

Less than a year since iPhone 14 series debuted and now suddenly a huge number of iPhone 14 & 14 Pro users raised the Battey Drop issue. It is less than a year since it debuted and why the huge number of users facing this type of issue?

iPhone 14 Pro Battery Issue Huge Drop Less than An year
iPhone 14 Pro Battery Issue Huge Drop Less than An year

Even some of our readers also reported to us that their iPhone 14 pro gets a huge battery drop after 6 to 8 months of use.

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A user on Reddit share their own story and stated that “they start the day with 100% battery charge at about 9.00 am and have 10-15% at 7.30 pm“. Even they said, “If I’m lucky and have to recharge him if I plan on going somewhere for a beer or something. And the phone is set as a new device without any backups.

One of our readers said that they travel a lot so they have to carry a power bank always in full charge condition with its iPhone 14 Pro. They said, they only use it for calling and a few more little works.

iPhone 14 Battery Health drop issue live images

So many Twitter users shared live pics of their iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro battery health reports. Users shared their iPhone 14 battery health which drop to 89% and can you imagine it is less than a year since the iPhone 14 series was first introduces.

Not only that, iPhone 14 Pro Max users also shared a picture of their Battey Health. As per the user, they are using iPhone 14 Pro max and the current battery health is dropped at a huge 86% in just 11 months since they purchased it.

How To Check Battey Health in iPhone?

If you are also an iPhone user and want to check your phones battery health then it is so easy, just follow these steps-

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Press on Battery
  3. Now press on Battery Health & Charging

Here you can see your iPhone’s current battery health and charging capacity. If you are also facing similar problems then you can send us a screenshot of your iPhone’s battery health and charging capacity.

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