iOS 18 Could Be The Biggest Software Update Of iPhone’s History!

Apple’s next software update, iOS 18, will be the biggest in iPhone history because it could add many advanced technologies and features. Primarily, it focuses on improved Siri and RCS support. We feel that, in the name of the Siri update, Apple is also going to do something new like Samsung Galaxy AI. It might support advanced-level AI technology and may behave like an assistant, as you have seen in Samsung’s Galaxy AI, which was introduced with the latest Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update.

According to Mark Gurman, the iOS 18 update will be a game-changer in iPhone history. He wrote that it is not only the biggest update, but it could also be bigger than the company’s previous updates in history. Now, a question arises– WhatApple is he going to introduce in the next major update?

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Two Known Major Updates Confirmed In iOS 18 Update

According to the official source, apple is bringing two major updates and advancements in their system. Well, Apple is going to bring a lot of changes in its Device but these two things are almost confirmed by Mark Gurman.

Enhanced RCS Support

iOS 18 RCS Feature Improved
iOS 18 RCS Feature Improved

RCS stands for Rich Communications Services which allows to send kind of multimedia things in an SMS. It was first introduced by the Android but now it is supporting iOS devices also. One of the major changes or updates will be the RCS because many things we miss in an iPhone’s default messaging application.

Furthermore, Apple has also confirmed that it will support cross-platform messaging services, meaning iPhone users can message Android phone holders through its default messaging service. Apart from that, Apple is improving the messaging quality before its official release.

According to the source, Apple’s default messaging features will allow you to send high-resolution videos, photos, audio messages, and group chats. Moreover, it also allows you to engage in group chats between Android and iPhone, and it will show typing indicators and read recipient tags as well.

However, these modern features are still available in the latest iOS 17 update but only for iPhone-to-iPhone users. But after the iOS 185 update, you can find these features in Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android default message service also.

Advancement in SIRI

With the name of Advancement in SIRI, Apple may be going to introduce an advanced AI system in the phone. As you can see in its rival, Samsung has introduced a very useful feature Galaxy AI which is a personal assistant and allows many exciting things in the Galaxy Phones. I have a feeling that Apple is going to do something similar. Mark Gurman has also confirmed that Apple might give you a surprise with the next-level developed AI features implanted in SIRI.

Apple plans to make the SIRI a large-language AI model that allows it to complete tasks and when it comes to knowing the information, it can deeply research it and give you the right information at the same time in milliseconds.

It is also possible that SIRI may support Generative AI features after the iOS18 support because Mark Gurman has also indicated indirectly that SIRI can do everything like generative AI. The Generatev AI features surged to the most popular form at the start of 2022 and now it is 2024 and Apple is almost done with its work when it needs to jump into the race.

By the way, what do you think about that? Is it possible that Apple can bring changes in their system like RCS support, Generative AI features like ChatGPT, Microsoft CoPilot, or Googl’s Bard AI? Let me know in the comment section.

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