Breaking: Google Paused Gemini AI’s Image-Generating Capabilities

Recently Google has announced the new capabilities of Gemini Ai which aims to generate realistic images. Now the latest report says that Google has paused the Image Generating Capabilities of Gemini AI.

Due to inaccurate image generation of a few historical places and the lack of diversity in this tool, google took this immediate step. Google claimed before the launch of this tool that it would give you accurate solutions and results but it failed to provide accuracy in image-generating capabilities. So Google decides to stop this immediately.

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What Google Said On Gemini AI’s Controversy–

Google Gemini AI
Google Gemini AI

When Google realized this tool still needed a few improvements to give accurate results, they decided it down and stated that the Gemini AI would be backed up with improvements.

It needs so much improvement because there are a lot of pictures available on the internet and Even after that, if he makes another mistake then it is a controversial thing and it needs huge improvements.

However, Google has accepted these things alleged by the users and stated that Gemini’s Text-To-Image capabilities will return after the improvements.

Google Recently Released the Gemini AI 1.5 Pro

Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google and Alphabet) & Demis Hassabis (CEO of Google DeepMind) have stated in a blog that Google now has a next-generation AI tool named Gemini 1.5 Pro that allows large content-generating capabilities.

The Gemini 1.5 Pro is a more accurate AI tool based on MoE (Mixture of experts) architecture which allows a 1 Million token context window to generate content AI Studio and Vertex AI model.

After this introduction, Gemini Ai came into the controversy of its Text-to-Image generating capabilities.

Gemini AI Also Made A Controversial Statement on Narendra Modi

Apart from This tool has also made controversial comments on the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Someone asked Google’s AI conversation tool Gemini if Narendra Modi is a fascist. Gemini responded that Modi is India’s current Prime Minister, and some analysts accuse him of enacting fascist tactics, citing the BJP’s Hindu nationalist agenda. In response, Union Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar informed Google that Gemini’s response violated IT guidelines and criminal code provisions.

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