Galaxy S24 Series Unleash New Era Of AI Technology in the Mobile Market

Finally, Samsung has launched its much-awaited, Samsung Galaxy S24 series with a lot of upgrades and a bunch of exciting features. The Most hyped thing is its brand new Galaxy AI which behaves like a personal assistant and a chatbot in Galaxy Phones. Furthermore, it also allows AI-based Live Translation, Interpreter, Chat Assists, Transcript Assist, Note Assists, Circle To Search, etc.

Galaxy S24 Series Debuted Excellent Features

Galaxy AI in Samsung Galaxy S24 Series
Galaxy AI in Samsung Galaxy S24 Series (Image: Samsung)

In the realm of Advanced Technology and Artificial intelligence, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series upgraded itself like a pro. According to the Confidential Source, this series brought the most advanced Galaxy AI features in competition to OpenAI’s ChatBot and Microsoft’s Copilot. Even Apple is also working on its personal AI technology. So caring about that, Samsung has made its inbuilt AI features first of the competition. Here are the Samsung AI features explained–

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Live Translation

Samsung added life-translating features in their inbuild Galaxy AI. This live translation instantly when you talking to other region people on a voice call or Video call. Could you believe it, this technology will make a lot of noise among smartphone lovers. Not matter, if you are living in the USA and want to talk to a Chinese person without knowing the knowledge in next to the country language.

Chat Assist

If you are an eager tech enthusiast then you already know about the OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard AI. For those, who are unaware, both are a ChatBot Assistant which will help you to know/ Read/Rewrite everything. If you wanna an answer to something, just ask these AI ChatBots and they will give you the answer. You can ask to write a full blog, Transcript, Script, etc. Looking at that, Samsung has also integrated a feature in their Galaxy AI that also behaves like these Ai ChatBoth. If you are a Galaxy S24 owner then you don’t have to go to external ChatBots, now you can enjoy these all things on your Galaxy AI features.

AI Editing

It also allows you AI-based editing features. Using these, your engaged time will be saved and the AI tech will solve this problem. This feature is integrated for video and Photo editing especially. It will make necessary cuts, will make Proper animation, and affect your video, you have to just put the prompt in this.

Photo Enhancing

When you click a photo even at night, this AI feature will enhance the quality of the picture it will also fill the necessary lights and skin tone in the pictures.

Note Assists

The very useful features for Students and employees. When you want help from someone, don’t forget you have an AI Note Assistant which will help you to write a proper note for your boss, class, and exams too.

Circle To Search

Galaxy AI WIth Circle To search in Samsung Galaxy S24 Series
Galaxy AI WIth Circle To search in Samsung Galaxy S24 Series (Image: Samsung)

This feature is super awesome because when you want to search a little part from a photo and video, just pause it and just make a circle of it, the new Galaxy AI’s Circle To Search features will search and give you proper results to if. This feature is something near Google Lens.

There are so many features added in the Galaxy S24 series but these features are super excellent in terms of workload and use. By the way, what do you think about that? Are you a SAMSUNG Fan or want to be one of them!? Please let us know in the comment section–

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