[Exclusive] TikTok And BGMI Returning Soon- The Truth Lands on Surface

In order to bring back TikTok in India, the TikTok-owned business Byetdance was in discussions with a Mumbai-based organization a few months ago. Alongside the recently banned app, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) will also make a comeback with this.


TikTok has long been prohibited in India, but according to reports, the short-video app will return. Byetdance, a TikTok-owned firm, was in negotiations with a Mumbai-based startup about reintroducing TikTok in India a few months ago.

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Skyesports, the CEO of a renowned esports and gaming startup in India, has verified that the short-video app is actually returning to India. To recall, the Indian authorities banned TikTok, which had one of the largest user bases in India, in 2020. In addition to TikTok, 58 other applications were banned for national security concerns.

SkyeSports Claims BGMI & TikTok Returns

TikTok will return to India shortly, according to Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy. “Tik Tok is likely to make a reappearance.” In that instance, BGMI will be fully restored. “Hopefully, if all goes well, there will be independence soon!” stated Shiva Nandy in an Instagram Stories message. Nandy stated that the BGMI ban was not adopted overnight; the administration had been considering the restriction for over 5 months.

“It was not a quick action.” It had been in the works for about five months. In reality, the government gave Krafton HQ an interim notice one week before withdrawing the game from the Play Store.

“We had a tip two days before the game was pulled from the shop, and that is why the majority of the advance fee needs to be paid for the Skyesports League, LAN Delhi,” Nandy added of the BGMI ban.

He also claimed that the BGMI will be returning shortly. He clarified that it was not a ban, but rather an interim order.

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