DJI MIC 2 Appeared with a 32-bit Floating-Point Internal Recording Feature

DJI has slowly climbed the barrier with its latest Microphone model DJI Mic 2 which is a 2nd gen model of its previously launched DJI MIC 1. It is a little upgraded microphone with its old model that states many excellent features like 32-bit floating point internal Recording. The company has promised to introduce the DJI MIC 2 on 17th January 2024.

DJI MIC 2 Features

The company is known for its comprehensive performances and features and one of the best features is its clear recording in a heavily noisy place. It makes the audio clearer by reducing background noise, which is important for people who create content or work professionally.

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DJI MIC 2 Box Content
DJI MIC 2 Box Content

The DJI MIC 2 has also upgraded with 32-bit floating-point internal recording. This technical upgrade helps capture sound more accurately and with more detail because it allows for a wider dynamic range. This is especially useful when recording in different places, like quiet studios or busy streets. It plays a crucial role if you are making content for the public, even if it is one of the best choices for, those who create News Media content even in the public.

One notable feature of the DJI MIC 2 is its extended battery life. When used with its charging box, the new model now boasts an impressive 18 hours of battery life—an improvement over its previous 15 hours. For long days of shooting, this longer battery life is essential because it guarantees that you won’t run out of audio power at critical times.

DJI MIC 2 right design

Additionally, the touchscreen on the device has been slightly enlarged, growing from 0.95 inches to 1.1 inches. This small increase in usability makes the device easier to control and navigate, even though it may not seem like much.

In addition, the DJI MIC 2’s transmitter and receiver now have larger batteries—360 mAh as opposed to 320 mAh. This improvement adds to the devices’ overall convenience by extending their operating life between recharges. The DJI MIC 2 now has a wheel control, which gives users improved control and the ability to make more accurate adjustments. The user-friendliness of the microphone is improved by this feature.

DJI MIC 2 Back Design
DJI MIC 2 Back Design

Furthermore, The device now has a more streamlined and appealing appearance thanks to the updated Pearl White color of the microphone. The DJI MIC 2 was originally released as a supplement for the Osmo Pocket 3 pocket gimbal camera. In addition to a variety of accessories like a magnetic ND filter set, a compact tripod, and a beauty diffuser, this camera is highly capable on its own.


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