Costco Wireless Advocates: Going To End Its Partnership

The most shocking news renders. According to a Reddit post, Wireless Advocates will be completely discontinued from 5th December. Apparently, Costco was not prepared for this news but, employees already realized that the partnership is going to die due to the company’s closure.

Costco Wireless Advocates
Costco Wireless Advocates

There was no official announcement from the Wireless Advocates before the closure, but they optioned the call conferences on 5th December to information about that.

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After this, employees starting gets emails from the Wireless Advocates, the screenshot is also mentioned here. They get a page of email that is also linked with a FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) paper.

What is Costco Wireless Advocates?

Basically, Costco Wireless Advocates is a store that sells T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon technology in partnership with Costco Stores. T-Mobile made a contract about expanding to National Retail markets back in September of 2021, but the Wireless Advocates suddenly down without any official announcements.

What Affected Costco Wireless Advocates’ Closure?

The most popular smart technology in the USA will definitely be affected by this. It will affect the popular tech T-Mobile, but not only that, the AT7T and Verizon will also get affected by this.

According to an Employee, they got trying to sign in the early morning but they can’t! It was sudden. They also said that there was no information about that!

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After that they visit the company, then he came to know that, their company is not existing in the world. It was hearted but, they can’t do anything, said the employee!

After the closure of the Costco Wireless Advocates, there is no other information existing right now, but whenever they announce anything, we will definitely share it with you!

Was Wireless Advocates Closure against the Act?

A Reddit user posted that “The Warn Law says that companies with an individual number of employees must give 60 days’ notice before mass firings. It is unclear whether wireless advocates would be subject to this law.

Apart from that, many Reddit users state that after some time it will be changed and the employee will get a new world for their living.

What is WARN Act?

Basically, this is a LAW regarding the workers that protect themselves and their families and the company should have to notify them 60 days before firing him. You can contact them for more information- Here are the contacts and addresses of WARN Act branch

  • US Department of Labor
  • 200 Constitution Ave NW
  • Address: Room N-5641, Washington, DC 20210
  • Contact: 202-693-3079
  • Email: [email protected]

How To Contact Wireless Advocates?

You can contact them to call on 202-693-3079 or sending an email here [email protected]

Who is the founder of Wireless Advocates?

Dan Brettler is the chairman and CEO of Car Toys & Wireless Advocates

Can I upgrade my phone at Costco?

You can, but it is now suddenly closed, so you have to wait for a few years, is possible, the Costco partnership will continue soon.

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