ChatGPT Down Due To DDoS Attack

ChatGPT was down suddenly due to the DDoS Attack today. ChatGPT is an AI-based web software that is used to get instant answers. It is developed by OpenAI which brings a lot of innovation in the tech world.

When we using Chat GPT for testing purposes suddenly it is down without any response. Now it is back online after a major outage.

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ChatGPT Down

  • Chat GPT gets down suddenly at 9 a.m. ET disrupting OpenAI’s API services utilized by over two million developers.
  • Users of Chat GPT were informed with the message “Chat GPT is at capacity right now,” and a status page labeled the problem as a “major outage.
  • When ChatGPT faced a major outage, Even Employees weren’t prepared for this incident.
  • Another rival of Chat GPT brings a lot of new users when it is down even if they are notified too.

The breakdown happened immediately following OpenAI’s first-ever live event on Monday. The business debuted the GPT-4 Turbo, its most sophisticated artificial intelligence model, during the event. It also presented a new feature that lets users customize Chat GPT. Read: ChatGPT Vs BARD AI: Google Launch ChatGPT Competitor BARD

Elon Musk Announce the New AI better performed than ChatGPT

Elonmusk has introduced brand new AI features to its X (Former Twitter) platform inspired by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Based on the company’s description, Grok is influenced by “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” As per a Saturday statement from xAI, it is intended to have a playful side, a rebellious spirit, and the capacity to tackle “spicy questions” that other AI systems would shy away from.

The outspoken millionaire established X-AI, an AI business that has released Grok-AI to a limited user base. GrokAI is essentially a ChatGPT clone that uses data from X, the former Twitter. Musk, however, positions GrokAI as having fewer content limitations than its competitors, allowing it to react rebelliously to “spicy” inquiries.

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