How To Buy UC In BGMI After Ban? Buy UC in 3 Easy Steps

Buy UC in BGMI After Ban: Players face UC purchase restrictions hours after BGMI is removed from the Google Play Store and App Store. So we visited the BGMI official website and were happy to see that there was an option to buy UC.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India official has a button, from this you can visit the Codashop official website to buy the UC for your BGMI Id.

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How To Buy UC In BGMI After Ban People Facing Issues With Purchasing
How To Buy UC In BGMI After Ban, People Facing Issues With Purchasing

But when we clicked on it, there was an error showing. If you don’t know, I’ll tell you that there are only two official methods to purchase UC For BGMI, but both are restricted, so you have to buy UC unofficially.

How To Buy UC In BGMI After Ban?

How to buy UC in BGMI now- Unknown Cash (UC) is known as Battlegrounds Mobile India’s in-game currency. Players in Battlegrounds Mobile India may buy in-game currency with real money. This

UC may be used to buy clothes, skins, crates, companions, emotes, characters, the Battle Pass, and other items.

Players may no longer purchase UC in the game after the game was removed from the Google Play Store and App Store. The Google Play Store has restricted in-game purchases.

There is a small trick to buying the UC Fro your BGMI Id, should you try. Here are how you can apply this trick to Purchase UC.

Method #1: Using VPN

If the UC Purchasing has been banned in India for BGMI, so that you can change the DNS server for your mobile, maybe you could be allowed to buy the UC from In-Game or Codashop.

There are a lot of VPNs available in the market, but which one is best? Till I have tried, that is Solo. You can download the VPN from here. After the download, follow these simple steps…

  1. Download The App From Here.
  2. Installed and Open It
  3. In the display, you can see an option “Switch Location To’ below this, you can find the eligible server DNS. You can click on that
  4. Now select the Indian or Thailand server/DNS
  5. Now go back to BGMI (Firstly remove from the background and reopen it)
  6. Now go to UC Purchase, You will definitely make a Purchase in-game, because till now, on my phone it worked.

Method #2: Using Codashop

If Codashop is restricted to selling the UC Fro BGMI, you can check again after using VPN.

  1. Open the VPN, above we have shared.
  2. Now connect to India or Thailand server
  3. Now go to google and search “BGMI UC Codashop”
  4. Click on the link, firstly surfaced
  5. From here, you can make the UC Purchase for your BGMI ID.

Method #3: Using Play Store [100% Worked]

In this method, you can definitely make a purchase from the official UC Store. This trick is 100% worcked till now. Follow these steps…

1. Firstly Go to the Play store and click on your account (which is placed in the top-right corner)

2. Now click on Settings

3. Here you can find the option “Family“, Click on that

4. Now click on the “Parental Controls” option.

5. Here, you can find a toggle button in front of the “Parental Controls Are Off” option, toggle for active

Buy UC After BGMI Ban

6. Now set the four-number pin here for the two times, then you can check, and the parental control will be activated.

7. Now you can see below the Set Content Restrictions an option “Apps & Games” Click on that

8. Here you can find, that all 6 options are checked marked, you have to uncheck the last 3 marks ( You have to check the market, Rate for 3+, 7+, and 12+ options) then click on the save button.

Buy UC In BGMI After Ban

9. Do close the BGMI app, if you are open, and reopen the BGMI Game

10. Go to Official UC Store in BGMI and click on the Purchase. And you will definitely make a purchase from here.

If you have any kind of problems, please comment below, and we will definitely reach out to solve the problems.

How To Purchase UC In BGMI On iOS Device?

If you are an iOS User then this trick will help you to buy UC In BGMI after the Ban. Follow these simple steps…

1. Open Setting in your device, then log in to Apple ID & Click on the icon

2. Now Click on the ‘Payment & Shipping‘ option

3. Add here eligible Payment Method (You can apply for UPI, Net banking, Credit Card, and More)

4. Now open your Apple Store and click on the Avatar, which is placed in top-right corner

5. Now click on Add Fund To Apple ID and enter the amount.

6. After successfully request for funds open your phone payment app (ex- if you add PhonePay, then open phone pay, If you added Google Pay, then open Google Pay), Even you can see an notification for payment on the notification palen.

7. After successfully add money in you Appel ID, than open Bgmi & got to the UC Store

8. Now choose any pack and click on Purchase

So guys using this method you can definitely buy UC In your BGMI account on your iOS Device.

Is BGMI Banned Permanently?

Happy news for the Indian gaming community: the BGMI Ban is not permanent and will be back soon. The BGMI has been restricted in India for a while because BGMI is solving all the problems and alledges to satisfy the Indian government.

BGMI Ban: Players face UC purchase restrictions hours after BGMI is removed from Google Play Store and App Store, ALL DETAILS

Nandy, the CEO and Founder of Skysports stated that BGMI might return soon since the formerly banned TikTok is ready to make a comeback in India, according to his sources. “According to reports, Tik Tok is going to make a comeback,” he claimed. In that instance, BGMI will be fully restored. If all goes well, there should be independence shortly! Again, this is not a prohibition. Temporary order.”

So after the ban removal, you can purchase the UC via the normally, as-in-game feature or Codashop. Stay tuned with us to get the latest BGMI news.

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