Buy the Noise Halo Plus Smartwatch with these Black Friday deals and save big: Review With Pros And Cons

Amazon India has brought some great exciting deals on Noise Smartwatches. Buy the Boise Halo Plus Smartwatch at up to 63% OFF and save big. Do you know that Smartwatches allow 7 days of battery life? They are built with a good stainless steel body giving a premium look.

Black Friday Deals On Noise Halo Plus

Black Friday Sale On Noise Samrtwatch

Price: 8,999 3299

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The Noise Halo Plus costs Rs 8,999 but if you purchase it through us you will get up to 63% off and the final price will be Rs 3299. Apart from that if you buy it through a J and K Bank Card Non-EMI card then you will get an additional 10% off.

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Noise Halo Plus Key Specifications

Noise Halo Plus Key Specifications

Display: The smartwatch has a 1.46-inch AMOLED display with a 466 x 466 pixel resolution, which provides clear and immersive visuals. The always-on display improves user convenience.

Battery Life: Enjoy an impressive battery life of up to 7 days, which can be extended to 2 days when calling is enabled. Remember that actual battery life will vary depending on factors such as continuous heart rate tracking and brightness settings.

Noise halo Plus Body

Charging: The device has a 300mAh battery that takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge. To avoid potential damage, a 5W power adapter is recommended for charging. Fast-charging adapters are not recommended.

Music Control: The smartwatch includes remote music control, allowing users to manage music playback on their paired smartphones as long as they are within Bluetooth range. The watch, however, cannot store music internally.

Volume Control: Users can adjust the volume during music playback and phone calls, resulting in a more seamless audio experience.

Noise Halo Plus Screen

NoiseFit App: To access various features, pair the smartwatch with the NoiseFit app. This includes tracking progress, receiving health updates, competing with friends in friendly competitions, and sharing accomplishments.

Bluetooth Calling: Enjoy advanced calling with Tru SyncTM-powered Bluetooth calling, which improves the overall calling experience on the smartwatch.

Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons (Advantages And Disadvantages) of the Noise Halo Plus Smartwatches that will definitely help you to decide is the right product for you–


  • Impressive Display: The smartwatch has a 1.46-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, which provides clear and immersive visuals.
  • Long Battery Life: The smartwatch has a commendable battery life of up to 7 days and the ability to extend to 2 days when calling is activated, ensuring extended usage between charges.
  • Quick Charging: The device has a 300mAh battery that can be fully charged in about 2 hours, giving users a quick turnaround for recharging.
  • Remote Music Control: Within Bluetooth range, users can control music playback on their paired smartphones, enhancing the overall music experience.
  • Volume Control: The smartwatch provides volume control functionality during both music playback and phone calls, giving users control over audio levels.
  • Integration with the NoiseFit App: By pairing with the NoiseFit app, users can track their progress over time, receive health updates, compete with friends in friendly competitions, and share their accomplishments.
  • Bluetooth Calling: The addition of Tru SyncTM-powered Bluetooth calling on the smartwatch provides a more advanced and enhanced calling experience.


  • Possible Charging Adapter Limitation: To minimize potential damage, users are advised to use fast-charging adapters and to use a 5W power adapter for charging.
  • Brightness And Battery: The battery life of a device can be affected by various factors, including brightness settings and continuous heart rate tracking. These factors may also have an impact on how long a device is used.
  • Dependency on Bluetooth Range: The range between the associated smartphone and the smartwatch determines the functionality of the remote music control and other Bluetooth-dependent features, which may not function properly if they are not close to one another.
  • Absence of Always-on Music Storage: The smartwatch’s inability to store music internally limits its ability to be used as a standalone device for music playback without a smartphone connected.


This product is not sponsored by anyone. I have personally used it and we feel comfortable at this price so we have recommended it to buy when I see an offer on this. This is a really good smartwatch for following your daily routine partner. Stay tuned for the latest deals and offers for you–

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