BGMI May Face Another Ban Due To Security Concerns: Reports

The Gaming industry is in trouble again because the most popular battleground mobile game, BGMI may get another ban due to security concerns. According to a News 18 Report, India’s Cyber Security Division recommended discontinuing the game because they suggest Krafton is misusing India’s users’ data which is a big security concern for India.

BGMI Collected certain users’ data like Storage, Location, Messages, and much more, and according to the News 18 Report, they are misusing that data so the Indian government suggested Krafton to take down the game.

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BGMI was retained on the promise of following Indian Government rules regulations and Data Security Prospectus, but now it looks like breaching secretly.

BGMI Ban, But Why?


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has had a massive impact on the gaming community in India, with a large number of gamers being directly or indirectly associated with this game. However, there are concerns related to data security since it allegedly breached certain data security rules. If the data is misused, it could potentially pose a major security risk.

By Caring about the Indian People and their security, the Government has no other option except to take this game down because it was also banned last year and relaunched after the promised the following Security Rules.

What is the Impact of Another BGMI Ban In India?

Today, the mobile gaming industry is bigger than you think. Most of India’s people started their careers as a gamer and streamers. As per the report by StoryBoard18, there are more than 450 million gamers in India who started their career as a gamer.

So overall, there will be a huge impact on the Indian gaming industry if BGMI gets hit another Ban. However, there are a lot of other games but the BGMI (formally PUBG Mobile) was so popular. 100 million+ Overall downloads in India play this game.

For those, who are unaware, it was PUBG Mobile which banned in India including 200+ Chinese apps that placed their data center in China or directly/indirectly connected to China, so Krafton has developed another version of PUBG Mobile and named BGMI which was relaunched in India in May 2023.

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