BGMI Ban: Why Government Banned BGMI? A 16 yr Kid Killed His Mother…

Last year, the Government banned more than 100 Chinese Applications including India’s Most Popular game PUBG Mobile.

After a few months, the game came back with new Avatars and was named BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

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This is the reason, Why BGMI Game is banned In India

But yesterday, another ban lands on BGMI. In the last few years, eSports growth very fastly in India, but due to the ban, it may be paused.

Why Government Banned BGMI?

A few months ago, A 16 Year kid killed his mother, while the mother stops to play the game continuously. Even the kid also spends a lot of money on the game.

A sixteen-year-old kid from Uttar Pradesh shot his mother with a pistol when she forbade him from playing PUBG, according to a recent story. Everyone in the Indian battle royale community was stunned by the tragedy.

that when his mother tried to forbid him from playing the battle royale game, the youngster shot her with his father’s legally owned handgun. According to the Press Trust of India, the police said that the incident occurred on Saturday, June 4, at Yamunapuram Colony in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Apart from this, there are many reports come in last few months. Due to these types of toxic players, the Indian Government decided to ban the Application.

Is Banning The Game Is Solution?

As you know, in India eSports grow very fastly. Every month gamers withdraw more than 1 billion Dollars from their account via Live Streaming & Content Creating.

So due to some toxic players, eSports may be paused. Even though, thousands of people are dying due to unemployment in India.

So, some people land in Gaming Community to earn money, In this case, if the game is banned permanently, then those gamers will also become unemployed.

So government should think once again before banning BGMI Permanently. Banning the game is not the solution to stop this kind of Toxicity.

Google and Krafton’s statements on BGMI ban in India

In response to the decision, Google stated in a statement, “We have contacted the impacted developer and have restricted access to the app that was still listed on the Play Store in India. This has been done in accordance with established procedure.

Krafton said that they were “clarifying how BGMI was removed from Google Play and will let you know as soon as we acquire exact information.

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