Android 15 Based One UI 7 Said To Focus On Power Supply: Report

Samsung has rolled out One UI 6.0 Stable updates to all the devices. Between this buzz, a report on internet stats showed that the next major update Android 15 Based One UI 7 is focused on enhancing battery and power supply consumption. Furthermore, it will also enhance the hardware performance to easily company with multi-tasking.

The Android 15 update will undoubtedly revolutionize battery optimization and significantly reduce power consumption, as per the latest report by Android Police.

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Android 14 Based On UI 7: Significant Improvements

One UI 7 (Android 15)
One UI 7 (Android 15)

Over time or after a certain number of charging cycles, batteries naturally begin to lose their health. As the battery’s health decreases, its performance also declines. The Battery Health menu provides users with a clear indication of when it might be time to replace their phone’s battery.

Samsung is gearing up for a major upgrade with One UI 7 for Galaxy devices, which will be followed by the Android 15 update later this year.

One UI 7 Release Date

There is currently no official announcement regarding the release date of the Android 15-based One UI 7 skin, but it is expected to be rolled out by the end of 2024, along with the latest Android 15 update.

Usually, the UI skin can be launched after the Android update so that the company can comply with that, so the One UI next update will launch only after the Android 15 official launch.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S24 Lineup is still set to come with Android 14-based One UI 6.1 Stable software. But Samsung confirmed that the flagship phones can be able to get the next 3 major software updates means the phone can be updated to Android 15 based on One UI 7 skin.

The Android 14 update, along with One UI 6.0 Stable, comes with several improvements that make it an exciting upgrade. With dedicated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons, quick access to the full Quick Panel, and a brightness control bar that appears by default, it’s easier than ever to adjust your device’s settings. The Lock screen now offers more flexibility in clock repositioning, and the Home screen features simplified icon labels, making it easier to navigate.

The Camera app boasts new auto FPS options, a redesigned layout, and improved video size selection, making it more user-friendly. The Gallery now allows for quick edits in detail view and the ability to save clipped images as stickers, providing more creative opportunities. The Video Player has an enhanced layout and improved playback speed controls, making it a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Other updates, such as improvements to the weather widget, a redesigned Samsung Health Home screen, customizable water cup sizes, and an overhauled Calendar app with a new schedule view, further enhance the user experience. Additionally, the Reminder app now offers refined list views and new reminder categories, and Samsung Pass introduces safer sign-ins with passkeys, ensuring greater security.

With smarter Airplane mode, easier access to battery settings, and accessibility enhancements that simplify vision-related features, this update promises to be a constructive step forward in the world of mobile technology.

In Conclusion, the Android 15 Based One UI 7 is under innovative progress and very soon you will see more features on the internet.

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