A hint that indicates, the BGMI will return soon- PUBG New State Ban?

BGMI has been deleted from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and it happened for more than a week. The app was delisted in response to the government’s requests to obey the requirements outlined in Section 69A of the Information Technology Act of 2000.

BGMI removed from google play store

Popular esports influencers in India have reacted to this decision. Shiva Nandy recently turned to Instagram to post a tale in which he asked Battlegrounds Mobile India fans not to believe any speculations and to wait for thorough information on the situation.

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Last month, the government instructed Google and Apple to remove BGMI from their app stores without providing an official explanation for why the game was prohibited in India. In the case of Rooter, which secured $25 million in a series-A fundraising round headed by Lightbox, March Gaming, and Duane Park Ventures in January of this year.

SkyeSports CEO Indicates Positive about BGMI

Nandy is well-known in the Indian gaming scene as the CEO of Skyesports. Under his direction, the organization has successfully held multiple high-level competitions for Battlegrounds Mobile India, Valiant, and other games. Because Nandy is well-liked by many gamers, his comment has caused quite a stir in the country’s gaming scene.

“Don’t trust any rumors unless you get thorough clarity,” he suggests, and this is pretty true because last year government responded publicly about the PUBG Ban, but this time, there is no government clarification on BGMI Ban


He just paused the applications from the top App Store. But the SkyeSports CEO and Founder indication, what does he says, looks like a positive indication.

He wrote that the game is not yet banned, giving enthusiasts optimism. This demonstrates his faith in the game’s possible comeback.

Will New State Mobile Also Be Banned In India?

Following the game’s ban from App Stores and the game’s release, some streamers stated that PUBG: New State represents the future of Indian eSports.

After Aman from S8UL announced that they will be playing New State Mobile from now on, everyone in the community began to download PUBG: New State.

Team Soul athletes Goblin and Hector have begun broadcasting Krafton’s futuristic BR title.

Several S8UL broadcasters and content developers, namely Mortal and Aman, have begun to grind inside the game and have been seen live streaming this BR title.

PUBG New State Mobile Ban after BGMI banned In India
PUBG New State Mobile Ban after BGMI banned In India

A few Esports tournament organizers have begun to arrange Tier-1 scrims in which all of the popular BGMI esports players such as Mavi, Ultron, Scout, and Fierce have competed.

Aside from that, numerous BGMI fans have begun to migrate to PUBG: New State in order to follow their favorite IGC streams and players.

On this, maybe Govt rotates on PUBG News State Mobile, by alleging the Security Purpose. As you know, The News State Mobile is also a sub-divided app from PUBG Mobile, and PUBG was already banned in India, and after the BGMI Ban, a maximum of players started landing on Top 3 Games like COD, Apex Legend Mobile, and PUBG New State.

So we hope, These are the only things, maybe it can handle for the Indian gaming community and eSports in India.

Without this, many gamers’ future looks like a Dark Hole, so, let’s see what will happen.

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