5 Exciting Features in iOS 17.4 Said to Come Next Month: Reports

Apple has officially confirmed that the new iOS 17.4 Update will be released on March 2024 with several upgrades and major software changes. New key features are App Store Changes and Separation for EU, Podcast Transcript, Sharepay, and new emojis.

As for Major Changez in the App Store, a Few EU apps created security problems and high risks and Apple can not eliminate these risks but because of the DMA contract, they can add major changes in the App Store.

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5 New Features in iOS 17.4

Ahead of the rumors, some features, and specifications have been released and we have the latest updates now. Here are the 5 best and most exciting features of the upcoming iOS 17.4 update for iPhone users.

1. SharePlay For HomePod

The SharePlay is a tool that allows you to share your music playback controls with other devices. To do this, just you have to play a song on your iPhone and then click on the SharePlay option at the bottom of the screen that creates a QR Code. Just scan the QR from other phones to get Music Playback control.

Now you can do the same things with the HomePod and CarPlay also. Apple has already rolled out these features for CarPlay but the HomePod takes time now it can be controlled via these features.

2. New Emojis

iOS 17.4, New Emoji
iOS 17.4, New Emoji (Image: MacRumors)

Apple is set to introduce over 100 new emojis in their upcoming update. While Samsung phones already introduced these emojis last year, this will be the first time that Apple users get to experience them. Among the new emojis are a broken chain, a brown mushroom, a head shaking horizontally, a head shaking vertically, a lime, and a phoenix.

3. Stolen Devie Protection

It is also one of the best features introduced by Apple. In its latest update, Apple has enhanced user security with innovative options in iOS 17.3, allowing users to exercise greater control over access to sensitive settings and modifications.

This important update brings in a new option to choose a consistent one-hour security delay, which adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. Alternatively, users can now choose to activate the delay only when they are outside familiar locations like their homes, which caters to individual preferences and usage patterns.

Additionally, tech giant Apple has introduced a robust feature called Stolen Device Protection, which aims at protecting user data in case of device theft or unauthorized access.

Although this feature may not offer complete protection for all data, Apple strongly recommends its activation for all users, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing device security and providing a safer digital experience for its customers.

4. Apple Podcast Transcript

In iOS 17.4 Update, you can see the full transcript as a music lyrics layout when you play a podcast episode. As you play music and its lyrics highlight every word said in the music, similarly, you can get highlight feedback or transcript as podcast vocals.

You can click on certain words to find more information and definitions. This feature is currently available in English, French, German, and Spanish, and will be added to older podcast episodes over time.

5. App Store Changes in the EU

iOS 17.4 SharePlay
iOS 17.4 SharePlay (Image: MacRumors)

Apple is feeling high-security problems in the App Store from the EU region but due to contracts, they can not eliminate these problems so Apple has made major changes and separated it via IP Address.

The developer from the EU who impacted the app store has created a few features that may pose security concerns for others. As a result, Apple has introduced over 600 APIs, expanded app analytics, provided functionality for alternative browser engines, and added options for processing app payments and distributing iOS apps, all under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

According to the provided information, the new payment and app download options on iOS present various security and privacy threats such as malware, fraud, scams, illicit content, and harmful material.

In Conclusion, Apple is bringing security but filled with a bunch of new features and more than 100 new emojis. This update is set to be released in March 2024 for all eligible iPhones.

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