Top 5 Best Gaming Earphones Under 1000 In 2023 For PUBG & BGMI

Gaming becomes one of the finest parts of this generation. Today, almost 90% of youth play games, for making them depression free, make some good friends, and play a lot with them.

But not, everyone plays for just their happiness, some people started their journey in the gaming community and make their dreams in it.

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The Best Gaming Earphones Under 1000, Best Gaming Earphones in 2023

So if you are a passionate gamer and looking to get a budget-friendly best gaming earphones in 2023 then you are present in the right place.

Which are the best gaming earphones in 2023?

Here we have made a good collection of the best gaming earphones that is super special till 2023 by caring about the budget, comfortability, sound quality, and personality match. These gaming earphones you can buy online with eligible extra discounts, check below the list

  1. Realme Buds 2– Overall Best Multipurpose Earphones in 2022 to 2023
  2. Redgear Cab-150 – Best Gaming Earphone In 2023
  3. JBL Endurance Run – Best Gaming Earphone With Multipurpose Use
  4. Sony MDR-EX150AP– Best Gaming Earphone Under 1000
  5. JBL C200SI– Best Overall Performances

These earphones are recommended for high-class gamers and music lovers. Because it has super deep bass and ultra-thin and crystal sound quality, that helps to enjoy the music, and even you can get the exact locations of your enemies while gaming.

So in my choice, these top earphones are the best gaming earphones in 2023 under this money-saving budget. Below, you can find detailed reviews of these gaming earphones, scroll down for them!

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1. Realme Buds 2- Overall Best Gaming Earphone

Realme Buds 2 - Best Gaming Earphone in 2023
Image: Realme Community
BrandRealme Buds 2
ControllerOn-Wire Remote Control
Jack” I ” shaped 3.5mm
CableTangle Free PVC
PriceINR 599

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The Realme Buds 2 is my favorite one under a 700 rupees budget. Even though it used for more than 2 years and the sound quality is still like a new one. I used it for playing PUBG Mobile with my friends, so what I feel, let me know you…

The Realme Buds have a good quality bass with their help, you can detect the enemy’s position and rush on and kill them.

I personally use it, so I don’t feel any Un-comfortability and I wear it for more than 3 hours continuously. The company provides three ear tips in different sizes so they can fit in your ear easily.

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Its inline control system helps you to receive calls effortlessly, even you can control the music system, photo or videography, and many other things effortlessly. There is a mic placed inside the controller that features a noise-canceling design, that will help to hear the clear sound.

Overall, in my opinion, go with these earphones, because the REalme Buds 2 is Multipurpose use earphone. You can enjoy music, and movies and play games professionally.

Features I Like (Pros)

  • It s providing a super build quality wire, and magnetic ear tips that make it tangle-free
  • Its inline remote control system help to control everything effortlessly.
  • Realme Buds 2 features an NCS Design, that make you unaware of the outsider crowd and hear clear sounds.
  • The company provides a total of 2 extra pairs of ear tips in different designs so that you can use them for your ear sizes.
  • It is compatible with all digital devices, which have a 3.5mm jack, even you can use it on iPhone via OTG Cable.

The feature I Don’t Like (Cons)

  • There is an inline jack, which should be an L-Shaped jack, it is more comfortable and more reliable.
  • When we use it as a voice recorder, then we feel a crowd background noise, the company should fix this issue, as soon as possible.
  • The button size and bump are not enough, we mistake almost every time, when we try to use a pulse button, we press another button, instead of my favorite one!

2. Redgear Cab-150- Best Gaming Earphone In 2023

Best Gaming Earphone Under 1000
BrandRedGear Cab-150
ControllerOn-Wire Remote Control
JackI ” Shaped Type-C
CableTangle Free PVC
PriceINR 899

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The RedGear is one of the best gaming earphones under this budget here. These earphones are specially made for competitive gamers who like lite-weight earphones under a good budget but don’t want to sacrifice the HQ sounds.

It has an Ergonomically Designed body for Long Gaming Sessions without any trouble. It provides a 1.2m cable interfaced with a USB-Type C cable, which is the best feature for Gamers because the Type-C data pass the right data fastly so that you can detect the enemies easily.

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It provides a Dual Microphone with Detachable Gaming so that you can communicate with your teammates when playing games. Its On-Cable remote control helps you control everything from the earphone controller effortlessly, which means you can receive calls, change the music track, Pause, Play, Zoom In And Zoom Out, etc.

Overall I liked its gaming-like sounds, but you can enjoy its High-Quality bass while enjoying music and movies also, so you don’t have to be afraid, Is it the Best Gaming Earphone or not?

Things I Like (Pros)

  • It has Amazing RGB Light Functions, that will make you feel the professional gaming setup.
  • Its high-quality deep bass will help you perfectly to rush on the enemies,
  • Its sound quality will make you more enjoyable while watching Actions Movies
  • It has a USB Type-C connection, which means its data transfer will be too strong and you can feel its 0-ms Delay.
  • It provides Dual-Micro phone features, that will help you to communicate with your teammates
  • Its On-Cable remote controller will allow you to change the track effortlessly
  • The company provides a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase

Things I Don’t Like (Cons)

  • Unfortunately, there are no IP Rating Protections
  • You can’t enjoy it while Jogging
  • It only supports iOS, Android, and Windows systems via a USB Type-C connector

3. JBL Endurance Run (Wired)- Best Gaming Earphone With Multipurpose Use

best earphone for gaming under 1000, It is a jbl endurance run earphone
Image: UStore
BrandJBL Endurance Run Wired
ControllerOn-Wire Remote Control
JackI ” Shaped 3.5mm
CableTangle Free PVC

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The JBL Endurance Runs Wired Earphones is looked so premium and easily match your outfits because they have more than 6 colors available in the market.

It is multi-purpose use earphone for your daily needs. If you are a dedicated gamer, Music Lover, or Movies Addicted, then this will be the best option for you!

Its sweatproof cable and its ear tips make you so comfortable when you jogging while wearing it. It has a Half-L-shaped connector, that will make you feel comfortable when you use it on your bed.

Now coming to its sound quality, I promise you that, when you listen to heavy-beat music when wearing it, you can start dancing, it has not had too deep a bass, but is just good enough.

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This means you can enjoy perfectly movies, music, and dedicated gaming also. Apart from that, it has soft ear tips that will make you feel unaware of, wearing the earphones. You will get two extra pairs of the Eartips, based on a different size so that everyone can wear them. So that’s the reason, why this is one of the Best Gaming Earphones on this list.

Things I Like (Pros)

  • Its design is so premium and I personally like it
  • Its Half-L-shaped connector is amazing and helps us to enjoy movies in bed
  • Its sweatproof & Tangleproff cable is pretty soft
  • You will get an On-Wire remote controlling panel, with the help of which you can control music tracks and other necessary work effortlessly.
  • It is compatible with all music devices, iOS, Android, and Windows Os

Things I Don’t Like (Cons)

  • It hasn’t NCS Feature
  • The wire length is at a good size, but not enough for gamers.

4. Sony MDR-EX150AP- Best Gaming Earphone Under 1000

Best Sony Earphone For Gaming
BrandSony MDR-EX150AP
ControllerOn-Wire Remote Control
JackL ” Shaped 3.5mm
CableTangle Free PVC
PriceINR 599

Buy Now

The Sony MDR-EX150AP is one of the best earphones under this budget, we caught it after my friends make the purchase and used it as gaming equipment.

I was shocked because it has such a really good sound and bass quality. Its L Shaped connector is good enough for gamers and movie lovers, because it allows you to use it while sleeping on the bed, even I Personally like it!

There is an in-line mic that produces great sound, your teammate can listen clearly. This is the one of best options for, those who love watching movies and listening to music also.

You will definitely Enjoy comfort with soft-fit ear tips, designed to please your ears for a longer session.

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It will match your different personality because it has 6 different color options that look premium. It has a wire-manage tool with the wire, that helps you to be tangle-free.

Overall, according to its features and budget, this is one of the Best Gaming Earphones.

Things I Like (Pros)

  • Beautiful Design with a good build quality
  • Soft and extra ear tips in a variety of sizes
  • L-Shaped connector
  • Sony-Manufactured Cristelic Sound
  • Deep Bass With Sweet Sound
  • Controlled Treble Sound

Things I Don’t Like (Cons)

  • NCS must be enabled default
  • IPX Rating Must Need
  • Wire Size Is Not Good Enough

5. JBL C200SI- Best JBL Gaming Earphones Under 800

Best JBL Earphone For Gaming Under 1000
BrandJBL C200SI
ControllerInline Wire Remote Control
JackI ” Shaped 3.5mm
CableTangle Free PVC
PriceINR 799

Buy Now

The Worlds Popular JBL C200Si is a top-rated gaming-friendly earphone you can buy under 1000 budget. Don’t feel bad, but I really didn’t like its simple design, otherwise, its sound is pretty well.

It produces high-quality deep bass so that you can enjoy music and action movies by jumping. Even this is one of the best options for dedicated gamers.

It has a tangle-free cable fixed with an inline I-shaped 3.5mm connector which is compatible with all digital system that supports music play.

One of the flagship killer features is, it has Noise Cancelling features, which means you can enjoy beautiful sound while traveling between The Crowd.

It is available in different color options that will match your personality. Its supports voice assistant also. You can activate Google Assistant with a long press. It is perfectly Compatible with Android devices and able to connect to iOS through OTG Cable. So in my case, I definitely recommend this earphone as a Best JBL Earphone For Gaming Under 1000

Things I Like (Pros)

  • Good Quality Sound with Heavy Bass (Best For Gamers And Action Movies Lovers)
  • in-line mic with Noise Cancellation feature
  • Available in multi-color options
  • Google Assistant and SIRI Enabled
  • One-Button Universal Remote with NCS Mic
  • Lightweight and Comfortable 3 sizes of extra ear tips

Things I Don’t Like (Cons)

  • Should Be IPX Rating Protections
  • Not a Sports-Friendly Wearable
  • The design does not give a premium feel.

Editors Choice

Now, you are waiting for, my recommendations, Right? So, I would like to recommend you, Go with the Realme Buds 2 And JBL Endurance Run, if you want to use them for dedicated gaming and multipurpose use. Both earphones I have used both personally and I really fall in love with them.

Otherwise, if you are a fully dedicated Gamera looking for live streaming, then go with RedGear earphones, because its USB Type-C connector is very useful for gamers. It works fast, better than a 3.5mm jack so that you can easily read enemies’ footprints without any delay.

Now left two earphones are those, who want to get a multi-purpose earphone, but can’t afford the top-rated items, so these will be good options for them.


So guys. I hope you’ll enjoy the best Best Gaming Earphones list and make the purchase without any trouble, I know that, because these all are still at the top of the best gaming earphones under 1000 list from 2022 to 2023

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