15 Best Earbuds To Buy In India (Feburary 2024)

Earbuds is now going to be one of the best part of our life. It allows us to do multi-taking effortlessly via Voice And Touch Control. When you need to call someone, activate Siri or Google Assistant and ask to call someone, even you can ask to play music, message someone, set an alarm, set a stopwatch, and much more, and these are all things you can do effortlessly without engaging your hand and your time.

Which are the best Earbuds to buy in 2024?

Here we have chosen the best and premium earbuds you can buy at a very affordable price. These earbuds have maximum public ratings and good reviews. Some of these, we have used personally so I recommend you to buy them. Check below the 15 best earbuds you can buy today–

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1. OnePlus Nord Buds 2r

OnePlus Nord Buds 2r

Best Earbuds Under 2000– This is one of my favorite earbuds you can buy under the Rs 2000 budget. It costs only Rs 1999 and when you apply for some credit card and coupon offers, you can get around 1500 from here. It has an ultra-premium mett finis body with 12.4mm Drivers giving you up to 38 hours case battery life. There are a total of 5 color variants you can consider. One of the most highlighted points is, that it comes with a special gaming mode, giving you a little latency.

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2. pTron Zenbuds 1

pTron Zenbuds 1- Best Earbuds to buy in 2024

Best Premium Earbuds Under 1000– If you looking for compact earbuds under 1000 then the pTron Zenbuds 1 is one of the most valuable options for you. It comes with a 13mm large driver, Inbuilt ANC, 45ms Gaming mode, and most importantly, up to 60 hours of battery life can change your daily lifestyle. It is available in a total of three color variants and I am personally flat on the green model. It costs rs 999 but if you purchase a coupon and the credit card offers, you can grab this buds around 700 only from here.

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3. Soundcore Life P2i Earbuds

Soundcore Life P2i Earbuds

Gaming Earbuds Under 2000– Soundcore is one of the most popular bearable producers. The Soundcore Life P2i is one of the best Earbds I have seen around 2000 budget. It carries a 10mm driver but it is optimized to ANC giving you a Soundcore signature sound. Its total case battery backup is around up to 28 hours while a buds can give you up to 8 hours of battery life. It is made with custom AI control allows you to multitask effortlessly.

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4. Realme Buds T300 Earbuds

Realme Buds t300

Best Earbuds Under 2000– Realme Buds is known for its instant pairing and crystal sound. The Realme Buds T300 is a premium earbud giving you up to 40 hours of Battery life and supports Fast Charging. These earbuds come with a 12.4mm Dynamic Bass Boost Driver with the Dolby Atmos and 360° Spatial Audio Effect, cost Rs 2299 but when you apply a coupon code and the credit card offers, you can get these earbuds for around 2000 only. To match your fashion, there are three mixed color variants and I like these all-color models.

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5. CrossBeats Fury– Best Gaming Earbuds

CrossBeats Fury- Best Gaming Earbuds Under 2000

Gaming Earbuds Under 2000– CrossBeats Furey is a premium earbud with a matte finish body giving you an awesome look. It supports up to 30ms Ultra Low Latency with the Active Noise Cancellation features and comes with excellent 13mm drivers. You can enjoy this earbud for up to 80 hours, costs Rs 1689 but using a bank offer and coupon code, you can get it for around Rs 1500 from here. There are two color options and I like the gray-red mixed color variant looks premium too.

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6. Oppo Enco Buds– Ultra-Premium Earbuds

Oppo Enco Buds– Best Earbuds Under 2000

Earbuds Under 1500– Oppo Enco Buds have an ultra-premium design with a gaming mode that allows you to communicate with your friends with less delay. It supports Dolby Atmos And AAC features with up to 24 hours case base battery life while the buds can give you up to 6 hours of battery backups. There are two color variants and I like this lite-blue variant most. It costs Rs 1599 while you can get it around 1299 using the back and the credit card offers.

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7. Skullcandy Smokin Earbuds– Adventerious Gaming Earbuds

Skullcandy Smoking earbdus– best gaming earbuds under 3000

Gaming Earbuds Under 2500– Skullcandy Smokin is an adventurous earbud that costs Rs 2699 giving you a fantastic user experience with its Skullcandy signature sound. It can give you up to 20 hours of battery life with Music, Movie, and podcast EQ Modes support all necessary features like Call and media Controls, etc. It comes in a single-color variant and it’s fantastic. You can get it around 2499 by applying bank offers from here.

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8. boAt Airdopes Atom 81

bOat Airdopes Atom 81– Best earbuds under 1000 in 2024

Cheapest Gaming Earbuds Under 1000– This is one of the cheapest premium earbuds costing only 1000 in India. It has excellent 13MM Drivers giving you 50ms super low latency crystal sound support Quad Mics ENx™ Technology. It will give you up to 50 hours of playtime while you can enjoy up to 10hr per earbud. It has three color models and I personally liked the Aero Blue models which give a premium feel to my hand. Its price is Rs 999 and You will also get up to 1500 discount on bank offers.

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9. Blaupunkt BTW 100– Best Premium Earbuds

Best Earbuds Under 1500– The Blaupunkt BTW 100 is one of the best earbuds with the large 100 drivers giving you Blupunkt signature sound giving up to 99 hours of battery backup. It has an inbuilt SIRI and Google Voice Assistant allowing you effortless multitasking. It comes in four color variants and all models look awesome in hand. It costs Rs 1099 but you can get it around 999 by applying bank offers.

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10. Boult Audio Z40

Boult Audio Z40- Best gaming earbuds under 1500

Gaming Earbuds Under 1500– the Boult Audio Z40 is one of the quality earbuds that come under 1500 budget. Its cost is Rs 1599 but the bank offer allows you to get it under 1500 price. It comes with a 10 mm driver but the most highlighted point is, that it allows you to enjoy these buds for up to 100 hours, and there is massive battery backup. It has a low 45ms latency means gamers can also consider these buds.

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11. Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme

Gaming Earbuds Under 1000– The Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme is one of the fantastic gaming earbuds that come under a 1000 budget in India. It costs Rs 1099 but you can get it under 1000 by applying bank offers and some credit card offers from here. It has an Event signature sound with up to quad-speakers. It allows you to enjoy these buds for up to 99 hours. it is available in four color options and I like its blue variant much.

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12. Noise Buds Connect

Noise Buds Connect

Affordable ANC Earbuds Under 1000– If you’re looking for affordable earbuds then the Noise Buds Connect Is a good choice. The Noise Buds Connect has a 13mm Driver that supports Hyper Sync and BT v5.2 producing great sound. It allows you to enjoy these buds for up to 50 hours. If you charge it for 10 minutes, you can use it for up to 120 minutes, such is a great battery backup. It is available in 3 color variants. It costs 1199 but you can get it under 100 budget using the bank offer and credit card discounts.

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13. Noise Buds Explore

Noise Buds Explore– best earbuds under 1000

Best Earbuds Under 1000– The Noise Buds Explore is a remarkable earbud at the cost of Rs 999. It has a 12mm quad-driver with the support of 50ms low latency giving you clear sounds. The most highlighted point is, that it comes in a total of 8 color variants that will match your fashion easily. It gives you up to 50 hours of battery backup and a single bud will also provide up to 8 hours battery life allowing you effortless work.

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14. Boult Audio Z60

Boult Audio Z60– Premium Earbuds Under 1500

Premium Earbuds Under 1500– The Bould Audio Z60 is an ultra-premium earbud that comes with an excellent 13mm driver that supports Type-C Fast Charging, IPX5 ear buds TWS, and Bluetooth 5.3 that produces an awesome sound that can touch your heart when you enjoy music. The tough control is good sensitive and able to read your work. It costs Rs 1399 but you can get it around rs 10999 by applying bank offers and credit card discounts.

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15. JBL Wave 200

JBL Wave 200- Best Earbuds Under 2500

Best Premium Earbuds– The JBL Wave 200 is one of my favorite and fantastic earbuds costs Rs 2699 and at the offer you can get it for around Rs 2499. It has an 8mm dynamic driver giving you JBL Signature sound. it supports dual-connect features with a touch controller. It will give you JBL’s immersive deep bass effects that can make you dance instantly. It allows you to enjoy these buds for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

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These are the best earbuds in various price ranges and various features that you can buy in India. These all earbuds have the best price and the best offer right now. It might be changed a little after the end of offers, but you can also get it at the best price from here.

These 15 best earbuds are considered as the design, comfortability, battery backup, ANC, and other necessary features. These all features are important and happily, I can say that most of these features are available in almost all earbuds.

If you look at me and want to suggest one, I will recommend you buy the first all SkullCandy Smokin, Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme, or JBL Wave 200 which is my favorite. These are the first tire choices after that you can buy any other models from here are awesome in terms of specs, design, and prices.

For any inquiries, you can contact us via email from here. I will definitely resolve your inquiries and problems!

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