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About Publication: DRYO TECH or dryotech.com is your one-stop for the latest news and information on Technology, Smartphones Gadgets, etc. We offer useful and innovative news that can be very useful for you and your gadgets. You just read and share your favorite news with your friends and circle so they can also be updated with the latest updates.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower and gain trust by providing kind of Useful Tech news and information that can make your daily life secure, effortless, and exciting.

About Dryo Tech: The Big Support
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We value your feedback and your support. We practice always being honest and good manners to our viewers, readers, and supporters.

We provide internal and external links when we believe that can not cause any harm to our readers, even if they can help you.

Growth And Profitability

We aim to grow this community to the next level via our honest, useful, and innovative news and information. We always try to bring the news that can be useful for you. When you face any problems with your device we can solve your problems, That’s why we run many connection events. Through this, our viewers and readers contact us and get a solution via our latest posts, videos, direct chat, and phone calls.

About Dryo Tech: Support Quote
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Primarily we offer direct chat and the latest posts because sometimes a few problems become worldwide and everyone wants the solution, in this case, we provide dedicated posts on it.

The main story behind this is we aimed to bring millions of people into this community and it can only be possible when we, our honesty, and your support come in.


DRYO TECH (dryotech.com) was established on 26-12-2021 by Rakesh Sahani. He aims to gain trust on this website by providing innovative and exciting tech news happening around us in our daily lives.

Every day new gadgets come to the market and news updates hit the gadget and everyone has not more time to research it and find useful information. Then Rakesh Came into the market with its website dryotech.com where they aimed to provide such content and help thousands of people.

About Founder

Rakesh Sahani Profile Picture
Rakesh Sahani, Founder of DRYO TECH, Profile Picture

Rakesh Sahani is the founder of DRYO TECH (dryotech.com). Before this, he was a Normal Person doing his IT Job in Delhi in Kritika Mobsoft. He was in the software section where they provide software support and solve technical errors.

He thought they could help with a minimal solution here, and then he decided to bring this information to the Internet and created the DRYO TECH without wasting its time.

Now you have a free mindset whether you need to support him or not but believe me you will feel excited here via our daily tech news and information.

Greeting From Founder

Thank You Everyone you make the support to us. We and Our Editorial Team always think about you and always try to be honest via our content. You are the four-wheel of our car and only you can run the speed to the next level via your support to us. We hope a positive mind from you. Thank You

Rakesh Sahani, Founder

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