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Meta Launches Six New Features for Facebook and Instagram Reels, In a new video campaign that has been posted on Facebook

1. Reels Remix's

Just like the Duet, You can use the cretors vidoes at a video stitch, what seen on the TikTok App

2. Star For Reels

Stars can now be sent by users on Facebook Reels to support their favorite creators' videos.

3. Add Yours Feature

Users can now respond by adding their own Reels relating to the topic that will be stated on the sticker

People will also see the original creator and the related users that added their own entries by clicking the new feature on the Reel itself

4. Auto-Created Reels

This features gives an option to the users to turn their past stories into a Reel by compiling them automatically.

 Together with these two additional features, cross posting is now also added to the feature by sharing your own works on the same platforms at the same time.

The Creator Studio, which originally came from Facebook, has also now been added where users can see the Reel's reach, views, and interaction in a more detailed approach.

5. Reels Reach

6. Video Length

Reels are videos that are much shorter than other videos that have been posted on the platforms as they only last 15 minutes or less


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