Threads App Crossed Twitter- Becomes the Most Downloaded App Over Twitter

Instagram’s new microblogging app, Threads App, has become the most downloaded application on Twitter. After two hours of launching the application, Thread App gains 5 million downloads as Mark Zuckerberg says in a thread post.

Threads App Vs Twiter
Threads App Vs Twiter

Can you believe, Elon Musk was playing monopoly, then Mark Zuckerberg gets their competition into the market and it becomes a hot topic for both?

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Threads App vs Twitter

Currently Threads App is in starting phase and has to improve many things, but still, it looks like the best competitor of Twitter. There is also an application Koo, which was called a Twitter competitor before this incident, but now, there are only threads, that can beat Twitter right now.

In less than 24 hours, Threads, a possible Twitter rival, rose to the top of the list of most downloaded apps.

Threads have outperformed its predecessor’s record for popularity, surpassing even that of ChatGPT, the chatbot developed by OpenAI, which received one million downloads in its first five days.

Elon Musk News
Elon Musk

Notably, analytics company Similarweb has disclosed that Threads is prepared to achieve the amazing milestone of 100 million users in just two months, an accomplishment that was previously only made by ChatGPT.

The rapid growth of Threads is evidence of its user base’s wide adoption and expanding attractiveness.

The enormous potential and desire for a new social media platform are made clear by this unheard-of accomplishment.

Threads has demonstrated its ability to connect with the online community by grabbing the interest and zeal of millions of users in such a brief period.

Threads’ place as a fierce competitor in the cutthroat social media platform market has been solidified by its quick rise to success.

Threads is on course to become one of the most significant and well-known apps in the digital arena as its user base is expected to keep growing tremendously.

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